Long And Luscious: The Best Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

best coconut oil for hair growth

I have long been a fan of coconut oil, for a number of reasons. I keep one jar in my kitchen and one in my bathroom, just in case you needed to know how committed I am. I’ve swapped out so many of my beauty products and replaced them with coconut oil – makeup remover, face masks, teeth whitening treatments and, of course, hair masks.

Coconut oil is a little miracle product when it comes to hair care – not only is it super hydrating, it’s also super nourishing and gives your hair everything it needs to grow long, silky and luscious.

Coconut oil works to stimulate hair growth, faster and more efficiently than the standard shampoo-conditioner-routine that I bet you’ve got going on right now.

Sound good? Read on to find my top pick for the best coconut oil for hair growth…

When it comes to coconut oil for hair growth reviews, I think I’ve found the champion of all products. It wasn’t an easy task, as there are a lot of things to consider before you purchase any coconut oil, which I’m about to run through for you now. I know, I know - I’m too kind.

Get The Real Deal!

There is no point whatsoever spending money on inauthentic coconut oil – it won’t give you the desired results and will probably be packed full chemicals that may cause more harm than good.

Opt for extra-virgin or virgin coconut oil and you’ll be fine, as this stuff is totally natural and will work wonders for you, whatever you choose to use it for.


Always an important consideration when you’re venturing into unknown territory in terms of beauty products. Some companies are well aware of the hype around their products, thanks to the likes of Instagram, and have no problem bumping up the price as a result.

For genuine coconut oil, I’d say a 500ml tin should be costing you no more than around $25. There comes a point when more money simply does not equal better quality – when you’re already getting virgin coconut oil, what more can they be adding/ taking away, really?

​Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

This coconut oil from Lucy Bee is my absolute go-to whenever I need a little boost – better for you than a night of chocolate, wine and Katherine Heigl movies, sadly.

Not that I don’t do both, of course. A balanced lifestyle is key. Anyway.

Let me introduce you to 500ml of pure, unadulterated joy for the absolute bargain price of $20. This coconut oil is the best out there – it’s organic, Fair Trade and 100% virgin, which means you’re getting the real deal.

It has a very light scent, as all coconut oils do, and is generally in liquid form, provided you leave it at room temperature.

It’s advertised as a cooking and baking alternative, but, as I’ve overzealously stated many times, can be used in your beauty routine for amazing results.

I won’t lie, there will be no ‘cons’ in the final judgement of this product. I just can’t find a fault with it. For the amount of coconut oil you’re getting, and the high level of quality, the price is spot on. 500ml is the perfect amount to keep me going for a few months, and that’s using it for a number of different uses each day.

Lucy Bee does also offer smaller sizes of the same coconut oil if you want to ease yourself in and dip one (moisturized) toe in at a time.

This product is also organic, which is always a nice touch for your consciousness as much as the environment. This coconut oil is also 100% virgin, so you’re getting only the good stuff – no nasty chemicals are added in and nothing is watered down.

It’s also Fair Trade, which is a huge selling point for me and makes it stand out from the huge array of alternatives on the market.


When it comes to using it for haircare, this really is the best coconut oil for hair growth – the fact that you get a lot in the tin means that you can really slather it on without worrying about scraping the bottom anytime soon.

Being virgin means that it will only do beautiful things to your hair – nothing nasty can damage your hair, just pure goodness which will leave you with long, swishy hair.

So, there we have it – the best coconut oil for hair growth out there. Lucy Bee produces amazing gems which are always organic, pure and hard-working.

I’d recommend using this oil as a hair mask once a week, mainly focusing on applying it to the tips of your hair. This will help with any split ends as well as nourishing the hair and encouraging and stimulating faster hair growth. Beautiful.

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