Stay Dry: The Best Deodorant For Teenagers

best deodorant for teenager

Teenagers have different body chemistry than adults, so it makes sense that they need a different deodorant. Between hormones and stress, teenagers can be plagued with excessive sweat. Help them to not be embarrassed by ugly pit stains by finding them the best deodorant for teenagers.

Follow my complex guide where I’ll show you why teenagers need a different deodorant, the best deodorant for a teenager and even a few helpful hints to reduce sweating.

Why A Different Deodorant?

At some point in the life of a child, they start to sweat and become quite smelly! This, among many other things, is what happens as they become teenagers.

Thankfully, this is just a temporary phase and they should eventually grow out of it. In the meantime, a few tips and the best deodorant for tweens will make a world of difference to help them remain confident and happy.

Ideally, you’ll want to find a deodorant that contains aluminum chloride or aluminum zirconium of at least 10 percent. This is the ingredient needed to stop the sweating dead in its tracks.

Best Deodorant For Teenagers

Take the guesswork out of what a teenager needs to stay dry. I’ve researched all the products and found the very best deodorant for teenagers.

Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant, Roll-On

SweatBlock Antiperspirant - Clinical Strength

As I discussed earlier, having the Aluminum Chloride is essential to stop a teenager’s sweat. It’s the main ingredient that you need to be searching for when picking a product.

This roll-on contains 12% Aluminum Chloride and is guaranteed to be the most effective you can purchase without a prescription.

There are other formulas on the market that contain a higher percentage, but they’re not formulated to work the way Certain Dri is.

You only have to apply this deodorant several times a week as it works up to 72 hours and is water resistant. Even if you’ve been swimming, you’ll notice that the deodorant will continue to work. That’s because it has embedded itself deep into the sweat glands and dealt with the issue where it begins.

It’s also colorless and fragrance-free, so you could always add a product with a little fragrance on top if you prefer. You’re also going to love that it will not stain clothing. You can resume living a normal life as you did before the sweating started occurring.

Many teens also struggle with sweating in parts of the body other than the underarms. This safest deodorant for tweens can also be used on the palms of the hands, feet or anywhere sweating is an issue.


  • High level of Aluminum Chloride
  • Prescription strength
  • Up to 72-hour effectiveness
  • Water-resistant
  • Colorless and fragrance-free
  • Cost less than a prescription


  • Cost more than typical drugstore brands

Other Tips & Tricks

Using the best deodorant for a teenager is an important first step to reclaiming those special years, but it isn’t all that can be done. There are plenty of tips & tricks to reduce sweating issues.

  • Apply the deodorant at night before bed. Be sure that the skin is clean and dry when you apply. This will help the deodorant get deep into the sweat glands where it can work.
  • If you’re having trouble getting the armpit area dry before applying, use a cool hair dryer.
  • Keep your stress to a minimum as it can irritate sweating issues.
  • Watch what you eat carefully. Certain foods, especially spicy foods, can trigger an increase in sweating.
  • Apply the deodorant wherever you’re sweating. This is the best deodorant for teenage guys because it can also be used in the groin area to curb sweat. Just be sure to test a small area before using anywhere other the underarms.
  • It’s always best not to apply deodorant directly after shaving as it can have an irritating effect on the skin. If irritation does occur, a simple hydrocortisone cream should help.


There are enough things to figure out and worry about once kids grow up, finding the best deodorant for teenagers shouldn’t be a hassle.

Follow the steps I’ve outlined above and take the time to use this high-quality formulation. In no time, you’ll start seeing a dramatic improvement in the level of sweating and you can once again enjoy these precious years.

For more tips on how to reduce sweating, be sure to check out this YouTube video. 

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