Get Rid Of Blackheads Now! Use The Best Blackhead Extractors

blackhead removal

Face it, you have clogged pores and blackheads that just won’t go away!

And you're wondering what it is that you can do?

Well, whether it’s extracting tools, creams, masks, cleansers and soaps or electronic face cleaning devices there is something for you to find that can take care of the problem and bring your face back to the gleam and sheen it once held.

A face that’s been riddled by unseemly pores isn’t what you deserve. Your face is the first line of defense in every social situation. So, how about we make it the best looking one?

I will be giving you an in-depth look at these three options for ridding your world of blackheads. Blackhead removal isn’t a myth or something only a doctor can do. Trust me, you can too.

Different Types of Products

The options for extracting blackheads vary, this guide will bring you from the unknown all the way to the exact product you’re looking for. First let’s break down the different treatment types before getting into their products.

Blackhead Extraction Tools

The satisfaction from watching your face go from oily and splotched to baby clear is a beautiful feeling. It’s a struggle most people have and need advice on fixing.

So, if you are going to do it yourself, you should at least be properly equipped. Because there should be no hassle in what you use to clean up your face. The tools you use should be the very best. The five extraction tools listed in this guide will do and be just that.

Creams, Masks, Cleansers and Soaps

Everyone’s dabbled in this next type of product at some point in their life. For many of us, that was during the pre-pubescent years. I remember Proactiv, do you?

The beauty of using skin applied molds, lotions and liquids is the benefit of results without the risk of scars. I think we can all get behind that if the point of this is to rid our face of blackheads.

Cleansers and Creams, Masks and Soaps are all beneficial in their ability to be applied easily and quickly without altering your routine for any known or unknown reasons.

Electronic Products For Clean Skin

We’ve discussed a couple of methods for ways to rid your face space of pesky intruders. There is another option to go over. Technology is ever advancing and the one constant in this is the added benefit of brand new better grade and higher performance products every year.

Electronic devices have entered the world of clean faces with a bang. The products cover exfoliating, deep cleanse, oscillating bristles and much more to truly give your skin the sheen and shine it always knew it had, but needed a push to bring out.

Blackhead Extraction Tools

This will be the section involving the next step in your blackhead removal process. The tools that get in to those pores and obliterate the blemishes on your face.

Bestope - Blackhead Remover

The number one choice comes down to one thing, efficiency. A design and usefulness that truly gives the best cleanse for your pores. All medical grade stainless steel tools that cover all types of blemishes.

Blackhead removal is now made easy and maintainable. You will be excited to clean your face. And that’s always a good feeling. Sharp tip and squeezing tool for blackheads, acne and pimples.Triangular and squeezing tool, special tool, for granules, acne and blackhead.

Now, when finding the perfect blackhead extractor, it comes down to how much you will be using it and what blemishes you’re looking to settle the score with on the face cleansing battlefield. It’s ultimately up to what does the best job for you, but having a little guidance in the matter can’t hurt.

Beaute Blue – 7 Piece Facial Impurities Remover Kit

A lot of time more isn’t necessarily better. In this case, it very much is better. This seven-piece wonder kit includes extraction tools for every type of blemish from blackheads to cysts.

You want blackhead removal, but with this you get blackhead annihilation. Stainless steel that won’t rust and a tiny compact mirror to make this an on the go product only sweeten the deal. Number two isn’t that far behind number one and it’s for good reason.

Beute Blue came up with a fine grouping of tools to help solve all your facial issues. The war with blackheads is forever ongoing. So, how about arming yourself with weapons that can last the entire time.

Equinox - International Blackhead Kit

Equinox - International Blackhead Kit

Equinox boasts the best removal kit out on the market. But as the previous entry shows that’s just not true. But, don’t feel discouraged.

The choice in this five-stainless steel, dermatologist approved multi-tool blackhead removal kit is not a bad one. In fact, it could be the choice you should lean too.

The tools themselves are made for optimization and balance. This could lead to better use when removing blemishes.

Feeling the tool in your hand or the weight make a difference. Specially from the moment you pick it up to the moment you set it down. So, don’t shoot this choice down before you’ve given it a once over and a good think.

There’s nothing wrong with being prudent in your choices. Especially, when they suit all your needs.

Crystal Clear – CCS Blackhead Remover Pimple Extractor

Crystal Clear – CCS Blackhead Remover Pimple Extractor

Instructions included. Our fourth entry is a kit of six tools that make blackhead removaland blemish removal a cinch.

If you’re looking for quality and absolute performance with a simple design and multiple tools, then this is the choice for you.

The hassle isn’t trying to get the tool that’s hot, it’s figuring out if the choice you made will help or hinder you.

This kit features a clear set of instructions, six pristine tools, a gentle touch to create beautiful pores and although not as seamless or rated as high as other on the list, this kit truly gets the job done right. 

Utopia Care – Blackhead Remover

Utopia Care – Blackhead Remover

A single design made for high quality and efficient use. It may be last on the list, but it’s not last in getting the job done. Far from it!

This stainless steel, medical grade tool brings simplicity to the table in a form that’s better than ever. The choice is now limited in what all you can get rid of but this blackhead extractor still gets rid of all of what it’s able too.

You can’t underestimate the power of less is more. In cases where you’re making more trips or need something small and compact or don’t have a use for multiple tools then this tool fits that category. If that wasn’t enough to convince that the last choice on the list can get rid of blackheads as efficiently as the first, try it.

 All the products listed have a guarantee of satisfaction or your money back.

Creams, Masks, Cleansers and Soaps

These products are the ones you gravitate toward when doing the work of extracting and the fear of scarring becomes too much. Effective creams and pastes have paved the way for new advances on applied cleansing techniques.

Calily Premium Dead Sea Mud Mask

Calily Premium Dead Sea Mud Mask

The fountain of youth is a topic that has been highly publicized throughout history.

The Calily Dead Sea Mud Mask decided to take that story and turn it into something people can use. And what luck that was for face blemishes. A magnesium and sodium based mask from Israel’s dead sea bring vibrancy and youthfulness back to your skin.

Therapeutic minerals such as, magnesium calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, zinc, sodium and much more make up a mask that gives your face the youthful, clean and unclogged feeling and look it deserves. It’s hard to make a lot of decisions in life, but this one is not one such decision.

Premium Nature – Dead Sea Mud Mask

Well, it was to be expected that the top two choices would both be Dead Sea Mud Masks. Masks are a blackhead treatment that utilize revitalization and time to cleanse a face.

The Dead Sea as mentioned before has minerals that fight skin problems. It not only eliminates laugh lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet but it smells good too. That’s gotta be a complete package, at least it is in my book.

Impurities won’t last with Premium nature’s mud mask. Its composition vitalizes skin and truly brings out the elegance of your face. No more hassle to pop and scar unwanted blemishes.

Premium Nature’s new product will both surprise and satisfy you.

Calily – Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub

Calily – Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub

Arabic Kona Coffee. That’s the base for this product. A coffee re-structured with advanced processing techniques to insure the best benefits for nourishment and blemish removal.

This is coffee turned into a scrub that pushes out impurities and brings a glow back to your face that you haven’t seen in years.

The blend of luxurious oils and natural anti-oxidants cements this scrub as the best scrub on the market. While, the mask has a better long term clean this scrub is still great for inflamed skin and light blemishing.

You’ll be saying no to stretch marks, cellulite, acne, veins, blackheads and more!

Arabica Kona Coffee is a form of cleansing that truly brings the word innovation to the table. You’ll go far with clearing face blemishes and moving toward clean younger looking skin. 

Eve Hansen – Facelift In A Bottle

Eve Hansen – Facelift In A Bottle

The best retinol serum on the market or at least that’s what is boasted. The truth, it is correct.

It heals and revitalizes skin without dryness and irritation. It blocks incoming clogged pores and recurring acne and blackheads. It moisturizes the skin and brings it back to a youthful glow.

Get rid of blackheads and pesky blemishes the way you want. Do it with Retinol. If masks and creams and scrubs aren’t for you then don’t hesitate and try this.

The organic and vegan approach to this product brings a natural sense of clean to your face you won’t get with any of the other products.

It has its drawbacks too,  with a dropper for application and not as quick acting as some of the other choices on the list. Still, if Retinol is your play then this is your player. Don’t hesitate. Rid yourself of what shouldn’t be there.

Grace & Stella Co. (Organic)

Grace & Stella Co. (Organic)

Yep, it’s another Dear Sea Mud Mask. A blackhead treatment utilizing the Dear Sea's magnesium and sodium deposits to bring out clogged pores, clear up blemishes and revitalize skin.

The difference is Grace & Stella Co. is organic and focused a product on the aesthetic side over the treatment side. Which is why it’s the last on the list.

You want a smooth and clean smelling mask that takes the simplest of additives and formulas to give you clear skin? Then this is for you. It’s Jam packed full of goodies.

Minerals and vitamins make up most of what you’ll find in this treatment but there’s also an anti-aging factor. Utilizing the composition of the dead sea this fast acting and long term mask will bring out the you of the past ready to pave a way to the future.

Electronic Products For Face Cleaning

The highly stylized aspect of this era is the rapid growth of technology. In the world of face cleaning products and getting rid of blackheads this has unfolded as electronic oscillating brushes. Let’s dive in.

Olay – Pro X Advanced Cleaning System

Olay – Pro X Advanced Cleaning System

Olay has created a truly wonderful machine. Face cleaning will feel the power of technology and it will be at your grasp. This 2-speed wonder of tech truly brings a new level to ridding your world of blemishes, laugh lines, cellulite, acne and much more.

It’s oscillating bristles and exfoliating abilities give your face a deep clean unlike anything you have ever experienced. It’s like having a spa treatment in one package.

Trying to get rid of hard to remove makeup or show your pores to a time they’ve never experienced? Then this is the electronic device for you. Even though it has all that power this brush still produces a gentle exfoliation that tops out on this list.

DB Power – 6 -in- 1 Waterproof Electric Facial and Body Cleansing Brush

DB Power – 6 -in- 1 Waterproof Electric Facial and Body Cleansing Brush

First thing to mention is that this brush is waterproof. The 6 -in- 1 electronic cleansing tool is a big bodied brush to reach all your hard to reach blemish areas.

A true work of innovation where you can clean yourself up and get the deep cleanse your skin needs at the same time.

DB Power has created a truly remarkable piece of technology. Many people like taking care of their outer appearance issues in the bath where it’s private and easily cleanable.

Now, deep skin cleansing can be added to the list. You’re looking for 2-speed, exfoliating, oscillating brush, and an electronic cleansing tool? Look no further.

Lavo – Face Cleansing Brush

Lavo – Face Cleansing Brush

Thought there was only going to be one water proof brush? Think again. Lavo’s face cleansing electric powered brush is almost the exact same as DB Power’s except that DB Power still has the foothold with the 6 -in- 1.

Exfoliating and breaking up and cleaning makeup, dead skin cells, and clogged pores are only a few of the traits Lavo’s brush is good at. There’s the massaging of cellulite and lines too.

Now, I know you’re thinking I’ve heard this all before and it’s all the same. But I’m here to say that, that isn’t true. Lavo has brought a smaller more compact brush to the table.

While, not as popular and somewhat lacking in areas that people find as reasons for buying these products, Lavo still brings its own aesthetic and pros to the table.

Kingdom Cares – Rechargeable Ultrasonic Waterproof Facial Cleansing

Kingdom Cares – Rechargeable Ultrasonic Waterproof Facial Cleansing

The blackhead treatment this product produces is remarkable. While, lacking in fundamentals such as, simplicity, design and handling, the Kingdom Care product is still an amazing product.

With it's double vibration, PBT brush and deep cleansing action bring it on this list and make it one of kind.

It’s the double vibration’s power and ability to bring out the best of pores, the delicate and non-irritable PBT Brush and the vast array of blemishes and facial imperfections that push it into underdog status.

Kingdom Care’s brush takes care of problems only it can. Making it a shoe in for this list. But the final selling factor is the recharge ability. You have no batteries to hassle with, instead you place it on its stand and always have it charged up.

Clarisonic – Mia 2, Facial Sonic Cleansing

Clarisonic – Mia 2, Facial Sonic Cleansing

This brush is the epitome of mobile cleansing. A single speed exfoliating device for a simple, basic cleanse. It still takes care of pores, blackheads, acne, white heads, dead skin and more.

Instead of the high-tech and powerful two speed or waterproof devices you’ve been reading about this one is just a basic mobile device.

So, as such, it is at the bottom of this list. But as I have preached the order isn’t based on usefulness of just the top one. 

This brush doesn’t find priority with a lot of people, but the mobile aspect gives it appeal that certain groups and individuals find perfect. Don’t knock the small guy, they may just slip past you before you know it.

Blackhead Removal Buyer’s Guide

The prices vary for all three types of blackhead treatment. There’s something to be said about spending under ten dollars for a single extracting tool. The same can be said about spending a couple of hundred dollars on an electronic tool.

It comes down to how much treatment you need.

Are you spending an hour in the shower on your face, back, chest, shoulders and stomach? Go with a waterproof electric brush.

Are you just cleaning up your face a few days of the week? Go with a single blackhead extraction tool.

If you’re still having trouble, then read on. I’ll be breaking down each type of tool from price to what they do for that price. Hopefully it helps you make an informed choice.

Blackhead Extraction Tools

Cheap. The cheapest of the three options by far. If all you need is quick fixes to facial blemishes and clogged pores this is your choice.

All the extraction tools are under thirty dollars and for surface issues and acne breakout apply perfectly to your needs. You don’t have to look hard to find a looping tool with a circular or triangle head to cover all various sizes of skin blemishes.

These tools will do all that you need conveniently and anywhere you need.

Creams, Masks, Cleansers and Soaps

A little pricier than extraction tools are the applied cleansing liquids or rubs. They range anywhere from fifteen dollars to fifty dollars.

These are good for those who have need of keeping acne and blackheads from returning after a long period regular use.

They still fall under surface issues rather than deep cleansing because of the application being applied and left on the surface of the skin. The masks and cleansers take the skin from dull and clogged to clear and sheen over a long period. The soaps and creams are for immediate riddance of surface blemishes.

These are what you go for if you need a long period of results at a slow rate at the surface level.

Electric Products For Face Cleaning

Expensive. The prices generally hang in the couple hundreds range. The long term solution for deeply clogged pores, loads of buried blemishes, cysts, cellulite and lines.

These are the waterproof and oscillating brushes that have different speeds and a gentle touch. But that are built for the hard to get and deep seeded impurities on your body.

You should look at these if you’re in need of major cleansing.


The problem with blemishes is how common they are. People are always looking for new ways to clean up their skin and pores. It’s a hard battle that’s lengthy and fought constantly.

Preparing yourself is the number one advantage you have against the evil that is blackheads. No person should go into the cleansing process ill prepared and that’s what, hopefully, this guide helped with at least a little.

All three methods of blackhead removal are truly innovative and revolutionary. They’re growing more and more and will be there when you’re ready to take your blackhead battle to the next level.

Don’t be stressed. Be prepared and then clear. Those blackheads don’t stand a chance if you use the right weapons.

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