Naturally Soothing Treatment: Coconut Oil For Acne

coconut oil for acne

Coconut oil is known to have strong regenerating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Tons of people use coconut oil on a regular basis not just for cooking, but for overall skin health and moisturizing.

If you’ve never used coconut oil for acne before, you might think that putting more oil on your skin isn’t going to do anything good, but trust us when we say that coconut oil is one of the best natural moisturizers you could ever use. Its high lauric acid content is great for skin health when applied topically and awesome for your overall metabolism when ingested, which has the benefit of improving your skin.

What Makes It So Effective Against Acne?

Does coconut oil help acne? Yes, mostly through its moisturizing actions. Moisturizing is one of the more common uses of coconut oil. If you have acne caused by dry skin, a couple of drops of coconut oil massaged into your skin is a great way to keep it nourished. It absorbs very well into the skin and won’t leave it overly greasy, but less is more in this case.

One of the big reasons that using coconut oil for acne is so effective is because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions.

One of acne’s main causes are these very things. Coconut oil doesn’t simply provide a band-aid type solution, but rather a more systemic whole body solution, particularly if consumed.

Many of the common products sold on the may contain harsh chemicals that can strip the natural film that exists on your skin that provides a slight protection against acne-causing bacteria. While these chemicals may provide quick relief by destroying the acne, they can dry your skin out severely.

This oil promotes gentle moisturizing while correcting the root problem. If you’re using coconut oil for acne scars, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that it does indeed help too. The lauric acid and anti-inflammatory actions of the oil can help tighten the skin and reduce redness.

Nature's Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Nature's Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Nature’s Way extra virgin coconut oil is one of the best-selling organic coconut oil’s currently on the market.

If you’re going to be using coconut oil for acne as well as cooking and you’d like to retain its original coconut taste and smell, this is a great choice.

It’s a pure, 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil produced from coconuts from the Philippines.

A lot of people who are big fans of coconut oil (definitely myself) like to keep a jar of refined oil (no taste or smell) just for cooking and another jar of unrefined for skin purposes.

Since unrefined coconut oil retains its original content, including potential allergens, you really have to decide for yourself as to which one you like best.

Don’t be alarmed if it arrives solid. Since coconut oil is primarily composed of medium chain saturated fatty acid, it will be solid at room temperature. Depending on where you live, coconut oil in your household will often change between being liquid or solid depending on if it's summer or winter.

Pros & Cons Of Using Coconut Oil For Acne

The tie between coconut oil and acne reduction is a much-discussed topic, and this oil is one of the best natural moisturizers. There are practically no cons to using it for acne in most people. It’s really a personal thing and something you need to try yourself.

Some people with very sensitive skin may break out with just about everything, and coconut oil is no exception. Some people try coconut oil, break out and then completely stop using it, however, this is often the coconut oil simply killing off bacteria, causing an initial breakout.

If you’re one of the types that react badly, it’s your choice if you want to wait it out and continue using coconut oil. You might be pleasantly surprised with the results it gives.

As for the pros of using coconut oil over chemical acne products, there are numerous. Some people generally just don’t react well to these often harsh products.

I’ve often found that when using chemical products meant for acne they just left the skin feeling tight, dry, and stripped. An almost unnatural feeling. After coming out of the shower when my skin is dry, a couple drops of coconut oil does wonders to fix that for the whole day.

Our Verdict

If we had to choose just one remedy to help reduce acne severity, it would be coconut oil. Commercial acne products have very little on coconut oil and it’s immense benefits when used orally and topically.

Nature’s Way coconut oil is a pure and organic coconut oil that we wholly recommend you try if you’re looking for a natural solution to acne.

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