Natural Baby Care Products: Coconut Oil For Cradle Cap

coconut oil for cradle cap

Does your new little one have to deal with unsightly cradle cap?

Cradle cap is a very common skin condition known as those brown and sometimes yellow crusty flakes that can appear on the top of your babies head due to over production of sebum, usually appearing when your baby is about one to three months old. If you are a new mother you might be asking, “is there anything I can do to help my baby?”

Rest assured it will naturally clear up on its own but to speed up the process why not turn to the baby magic - coconut oil.

Not only is it completely safe but it’s one of Mother Nature’s perfect substances. If we as adults use it on our skin and put it on our food then we know its safe enough to use coconut oil for cradle cap.

Does Coconut Oil Really Cure Cradle Cap?

Yes! Coconut oil works wonders for treating cradle cap! I recommend this fantastic oil for moms as the only product to use on their baby’s scalp and skin.

There are so many different baby products out there on the market these days that are just loaded full of chemicals and by-products.

Even well-known brands such as Johnson & Johnson have been proven to carry trace elements of certain harmful toxins in their products, one being formaldehyde! Who would want to use this cancer causing garbage on their precios newborn baby?

I know I wouldn’t. Think of the fact too that our babies are our future and infancy is their most vulnerable time, so we can’t afford to not be cautious when it comes to what we apply to our beloved babies.

I love the satisfaction of knowing I’m using a completely natural, harmless product on my baby and that when it’s absorbed into their skin it will not cause any damage. It’s so true that using coconut oil for cradle cap is the safest option and will save you allot of time and frustration in the long run.

Which Coconut Oil Should I Buy?

Nutvia Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

I recommended purchasing Nutvia Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil which is the world’s leading brand of organic coconut oil. It’s truly the highest quality of its kind and is such a remarkable superfood with so many uses.

This cold pressed coconut oil is completely natural and contains no chemicals or additives.

When you think about all the chemicals they are pumping into our skin care products these days it pays to be very cautious about what we choose to use on ourselves and our babies.

I completely stand behind this product and use it almost daily. This coconut oil is GMO-free, completely virgin, cold pressed, unrefined and comes from freshly picked coconuts right off the tree. You can’t get much better than that, straight from Mother Nature herself.

How Does Coconut Oil Cure Cradle Cap & What Are The Benefits?

When applying coconut oil to babies scalp you don’t need very much a very small amount will do. I would then gently rub it into his or her scalp and let it soak in for a little while. The amazing properties in coconut oil will help soften up the skin.

After 20 minutes or so just take a very soft baby brush or a gentle baby cloth and slowly work it into the dry flaky areas.

You will find that, eventually, the dead skin will easily just fall right off. You can also use a fine-toothed comb to help lift and remove the flakes. If there is any excess oil just use a soft warm cloth to wipe it off.

You can continue to do this every two days until it completely disappears. Since coconut oil has anti-fungal properties it’s going to help prevent cradle cap from coming back.

If your baby is suffering from cradle cap the best solution for curing it is Nutvia Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut oil - Mother Nature’s baby magic.

You can never go wrong with using all-natural coconut oil to cure cradle cap and all other dry skin issues. I strongly believe in this versatile, phenomenal oil and recommend that every mom makes sure they have some on hand at all times!

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