Our Complete Guide To Condom Sizes: What You Need To Know

condom sizes

Finding the right condom sizes can be a struggle that is both time-consuming and somewhat embarrassing. The use of a condom size chart, or a condom sizes calculator may be the best and most effective way to measure your penis for the perfect fitting condom.

Choosing a condom that does not fit properly is, simply put, doing yourself, your partner, and your sex life a major injustice.

Condoms have been specifically designed to keep all your sexually charged fluids in one place during intercourse, and are aimed at the prevention of unintended pregnancies as well as the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

Different size condoms offer their users different levels of comfort and protection and aim to keep your performance at a premium while in use.

Throughout this review, I’m going to be taking you through the various measurement issues, as well as highlighting and helping you select the best condoms sizes in inches to help you stay safer and perform better.

Top 10 Condoms To Keep Your Performance At A Premium​

Different Types Of Condoms

As we all know, condoms come in an array of different styles and pleasure-seeking alterations. From the ultra-thin to the ribbed and studded versions, condoms have been designed with the added feature of making sex a more pleasurable experience for both partners.


These condoms have been designed so that the user doesn’t feel like they’re wearing anything on their penis. It’s designed to increase the sensitivity of both users to one another, while not taking away any of the protection aspects provided by using the condom.

They create a more authentic feel during sex, allowing for increased sensitivity during sex to give you more of a real feeling.


Ribbed condoms come in many differing forms, from lightly ribbed to ultra-ribbed, all with the aim of increasing sexual pleasure. The ribs are designed to increase stimulation, while safety and comfort are still at the forefront of the designer’s mind.


Similar to the ribbed version, studded condoms are just that, studded. Studded condoms tend to have studs protruding throughout the condom, and have been added to again increase stimulation, while simultaneously increasing sensitivity for maximum stimulation.


Flavored condoms are relatively new in the world of safe sex. Although they have been around for a while, flavored condoms quite the catch in the bedroom.

An assortment of flavors helps to increase the excitement in the bedroom, and allow for some fun foreplay with all their different and fruitful flavors.

Glow in the Dark

This type of condoms most definitely add some fun and excitement to the bedroom, allowing you to take the fun to a whole new hide-and-seek level of fun.

Glow in the dark condoms, although perhaps more of a novelty, can and will increase the fun and excitement behind closed doors, while still serving their most important features of safety and protection.


Over the many years of the condom, multiple designers and manufacturers have put their cocks on the block, so to speak, to bring their customers the most versatile and exciting condoms around today.


Trojan promotes a safe, healthy, and fun sex life, and are dedicated to delivering innovative, high-quality products that offer pleasure and protection.

Trusted for over 100 years and voted America’s best condom, Trojan condoms are made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk of an unintended pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

Each condom is tested electronically to ensure its reliability, and the maker of Trojan condoms is fully committed to investing in public health and efforts to support sexual health.


Over the past 80 years, Durex has been manufacturing condoms for the marketplace, and have over that time become one of the world’s leading condom brands. Each of their products is tested electronically to ensure that they are free from any unwanted holes, and are inflated with air to ensure their strength and rigidity.

Durex is constantly pushing the boundaries of sexual innovation, looking at ways to improve their products and spotting new trends in sexual behavior.

The company is constantly seeking information from medical practitioners and other sexual health bodies to continually improve their offerings and deliver the best sex products available today.


SKYN believe that sex is about more than just feeling good. They believe it’s about choice, and have created their products around this. SKYN have created products for those who know what they want and aren’t afraid to demand it.

This brand has create products designed using the very latest technology, to give you and your partner a truly intimate sexual experience. Their non-latex condoms are made from SKYNFEEL, a revolutionary material which feels soft and comfortable, and hardly even noticeable.

SKYN condoms give the feel of full sensitivity and an extremely natural feel, while at the same time being safe for those with latex allergies.

The Best 5 Condoms

I have searched high and low to bring you my pick of the top condoms making their rounds on Amazon, and will be giving you the ins and outs of these top contenders.

Trojan Condom ENZ Lubricated

Trojan Condom ENZ Lubricated

Trojan has made their top selling condoms from a premium quality latex to help reduce the risk of allergies while offering you the best protection and risk prevention possible. Made in the U.S.A., these latex condoms contain a silky-smooth, premium lubricant for added comfort and sensitivity.

ENZ condoms feature a classic design with a special reservoir tip, to provide an extra rung of safety against leaking or spilling fluids, to help protect against unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Each condom has been electronically checked and tested to ensure the highest quality standards and reliability, and this has been voted as America’s number 1 condom.

Trojan Pleasure Pack NEW MIX Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms

Trojan Pleasure Pack NEW MIX Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms

Trojan has released their ultimate in sexual pleasure condom package, including 5 different types of condoms, perfect for multiple and varying needs. These condoms are manufactured using the highest-quality, premium latex to help reduce allergies and the inherent risks of sexual intercourse.

The condoms have been lubricated for the best possible sexual experience, including both comfort and sensitivity. Trojan’s Pleasure Pack includes an array of condoms from their range, and includes: Double Ecstasy, Charged, Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Ribbed, and ENZ. Each Trojan condom has been electronically tested for the highest safety and reliability standards, and is guaranteed to heighten your sexual experience.

Trojan Ultra-Thin Latex Condoms

Trojan Ultra-Thin Latex Condoms

Made from the highest-quality, premium latex Trojan condoms have been known for, the Ultra-Thin condom by Trojan is just that.

Thinner than the standard Trojan latex condoms, this Ultra-Thin version is the ultimate when it comes to a more natural feel. The top-quality latex is designed to provide the ultimate protection against the risks of sexual activity, while remaining soft to the touch.

These condoms come standard with a premium lubricant, for extra comfort and sensitivity, while the special reservoir tip provides you with a measure of additional safety from spillage or leakage.

Each condom has been electronically tested to ensure the highest safety measure and standards, giving you peace of mind when slipping into something this comfortable.

SKYN Original Condoms

SKYN Original Condoms

SKYN condoms have brought out the best range of non-latex condoms, offering users an exceptionally real-life feel. These Polyisoprene condoms are soft, comfortable, and incredibly sensitive, and could be the future of condom manufacturing.

Made from a soft, non-latex material, SKYNFEEL, that you will find hardly noticeable, yet it’s as strong as premium latex.

SKYN condoms come lubricated with a long-lasting and ultra-smooth lubricant, and are ideal for people that suffer from allergies, or those sensitive to latex products.

This pack of condoms come in a straight shape, and have a reservoir tip for a little extra protection from spillage and leaking.

Trojan Condom Sensitivity Bareskin

Trojan Condom Sensitivity Bareskin

With the Bareskin condom, Trojan has released its thinnest condom ever. 40% thinner than standard Trojan condoms, the Bareskin is going to change your sex game forever.

Made from the highest-quality, premium latex, the Bareskin will help reduce the risks carried with being sexually active. From unintended pregnancies to the transfer of sexually transmitted infections.

Trojan’s Bareskin condoms contain a silky-smooth lubricant that has been added to increase sensitivity and your comfort levels while wearing the condom.

The special reservoir tip has been designed as an additional safety feature, preventing the spillage and leakage of bodily fluids during intercourse.

Each condom has been electronically tested to ensure the highest safety and risk prevention measures, and are available in different size condoms.

The Next Best 5 Condoms

Trojan Ultra Ribbed

Trojan Ultra Ribbed

These latex condoms made in the U.S.A. feature deeper ribs along the entire length of the condom to increase stimulation.

The premium latex design helps to reduce inherent sexual risks, while the lubrication provides users with comfort and a little extra sensitivity.

LifeStyles Ultra-Sensitive Condoms

LifeStyles Ultra-Sensitive Condoms

These ultra-sensitive condoms have been specifically designed to allow you and your partner to feel more of each other.

The flared shaped is designed to enhance sensitivity for a more natural feel, and have been specially lubricated for maximum pleasure.

Trojan Magnum

Trojan Magnum

Large than the regular size condoms, Trojan’s Magnum have been designed to be large, with an extra comfortable fit.

The premium latex helps to reduce sexual risks, while the lubrication provides comfort and sensitivity.

The tapped base ensures a secure fit, while the reservoir tip provide extra protection from spills and leaks.

Trojan Super Value Pleasure Pack

Trojan Super Value Pleasure Pack

Contains 100 single, premium latex condoms in a convenient pull out tray.

Each condom has been made with the same high standards and protective features, and has each been electronically tested for quality and reliability.

LifeStyles SNUGGER FIT Condoms

LifeStyles SNUGGER FIT Condoms

Designed to deliver the extra stimulation you’ve been seeking, these ultra-sensitive condoms boast a unique, natural feeling shape.

They’ve been lubricated for extra glide and enhanced sensation, as well as being a natural color and of a low latex scent.

Condom Buying Guide

Finding the right size condom for you is something that is a bit of a mystery. It’s not all about length as some may think, but rather the girth, or circumference of the penis that matters most. Choosing a condom is first and foremost about protection, and having a condom that does not fit properly could have you in some seriously hot water.

Finding The Perfect Fit

Measure Your Penis Circumference

When it comes to choosing a condom, the circumference of your penis is the most important size-related measure. Wrap a measuring tape or piece of string around the thickest part of your penis. Lay the string straight and measure the distance. This distance is the circumference of your penis, and is important when choosing a condom that will fit snuggly onto your penis without coming off.

Condom Width

After step one is completed correctly you should know your circumference. The chart below will give you a good indication as to the best width condom for you.

Penis Circumference (inches) Suggested Condom Width (in) Penis Circumference (mm) Suggested Condom Width (mm)
<4" 1.77" - 1.85" <102mm 45 - 47mm
4.1" – 4.5" 1.85" – 1.93" 104 -114mm 47 - 49mm
4.5" – 4.7" 1.96" – 2.05" 114 – 119mm 50 - 51mm
4.7" - 4.9" 2.05" - 2.09" 119 – 124mm 52 – 53mm
4.9" – 5.1" 2.09" - 2.13" 125 – 130mm 53 – 54mm
5.1" – 5.5" 2.15" - 2.28" 130 – 140mm 55 - 58mm
5.5" – 5.8" 2.28" – 2.37" 140 – 147mm 58 – 60mm
5.8" – 6.1" 2.37" – 2.53" 147 – 155mm 60 - 64mm
>6.1" 2.53" – 2.72" >155 mm 64 - 69mm

This condom sizes chart will give you a good indication as to the size of condom that is most appropriate for you.

It suggests different condom sizes width to provide the right fitting condom for you. The condom sizes chart is in inches, and this chart also displays different condom sizes, making it applicable for all users, with the exception of condom sizes for 7 inches and above.

As you can see from the above chart the condom sizes for 5 inches and the condom sizes for 4 inches are different, for example, and they should be treated as such.

Why Condom Size Is Important

When choosing a condom, there are many different aspects to be considered. Considerations include: base width (or the band at the bottom), head width, shaft length, and the shaft itself. These factors all play a role in choosing the right condom sizes.

It’s important, for both you and your partner, that you select the right condom for the role that it’s going to play, that is, mainly for protection. A condom size calculator in inches is one of the most effective ways to choose the perfect fit condom.

It’s All About the Girth

The circumference of a condom plays a vital role in the overall condoms size, especially for those a little less endowed than others. The “less than average man” is better off at looking at girth rather than length when selecting the right size condom.

Condoms do not have to be rolled all the way down, so the length is of negligible importance. The bigger the girth of the condom the more chance you have it come off during sex, or possibly spilling or leaking fluids during sex.

A condom having a smaller girth may restrict blood flow, and leave you limp and uncomfortable, and unable to perform.


Finding and choosing the right size condom for your specific fit is a task that’s necessary in this day and age, while choosing the wrong size could leave you with a life you never hoped for. Condom sizes are of particular importance as this determines their overall effectiveness.

Their ability to fit snuggly and securely is the most important feature they can have. Protecting you from unwanted pregnancies and unsightly sexually transmitted infections is priority number one.

So if you’re not going to fit into a condom size for a 5 inches long member, it’s advisable to make a more realistic and safer selection. It’s not about your ego, it’s about your protection.

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