Infant & Toddler Sleep Guide: Essential Oils For Babies

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Any parent with an infant or toddler knows that a good night’s sleep for their baby is a blessing.

Not only does this make for happy babies, but it makes for happy parents as well. The amount of sleep your child needs lessens as they grow, with a newborn normally needing 15-16 hours per day and a 1 year old 12-14 hours.

However, helping your baby get to sleep isn’t always the easiest task.

Fortunately, there is a solution that may help your baby or toddler help get the rest they need: essential oils.

Essential oils for babies can help relax and soothe your baby so they can get the rest they need. One of the most popular brands of essential oils is Young Living. This brand is widely known for its high-quality, pure essential oils. However, within the brand, there are many different kinds of oils with different uses.

So which essential oils are the best essential oils to help baby sleep?

5 Essential Oils For Babies

German Chamomile by Young Living

German Chamomile by Young Living Review

Although chamomile is well known as a popular tea, chamomile essential oils could benefit your baby. When used in a diffuser, which is recommended for babies under 3 months, chamomile can help calm and relax your infant.

In addition to its relaxing properties, chamomile has a wide variety of other uses. For older babies and toddlers, it can be used as a digestive aid, and even can help with colic and constipation.

Although this product is a little on the expensive side, it should always be used in a diluted form. Fortunately, this means that it'll last for a considerable period of time.

Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most well-known essential oils, and has a wide variety of uses. It's particularly well known as a sleep aid and is one of the best essential oils for babies.

Not only does the Lavender Essential Oil have a very pleasant scent, but it can help create a relaxing, stress-free environment.

This type of environment is essential to helping your baby get a good night’s sleep. In addition to aiding relaxation, this essential oil has some anti-bacterial properties, and can be applied to cuts, bruises, and can even be used to help soothe diaper rash.

Young Living Orange Essential Oil

Young Living Orange Essential Oil

Though the world can be a wonderful and exciting place, it often leaves babies and toddlers feeling overstimulated. Unfortunately, this can lead to them being unable to rest or relax.

Luckily, Orange Essential Oil is fantastic for calming and soothing an over-excited child. Adding a small, diluted amount to a diffuser can help your baby feel calm and relaxed enough to fall asleep.

Not only can Orange Essential Oil help relax your infant, but it can be mixed with water to create a surface cleaner that is safe enough to be used in a nursery.

Many reviews of this particular product rave about how wonderful the scent is. It has been compared to the smell of a fresh-cut orange, clean and crisp without being over powering.

Young Living Rose Essential Oil

Young Living Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil has been produced in many parts of the world for over 1,000 years. This popularity remains strong as this essential oil has many different properties and uses. One particularly important property is that it has low toxicity, so it's one of the safest essential oils for babies. This particular oil is also a great stress-reliever so it can definitely help soothe and relax your baby.

Like the chamomile oil, rose oil is on the more expensive side. This is because twenty-two pounds of rose petals are distilled for every 5ml bottle of oil. However, as with many oils, a little can go a very long way.

Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil

Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil

This particular oil may sound rather familiar as it was one of the gifts the Three Wise Men gave to baby Jesus in the Nativity story. Interestingly, Frankincense essential oil can be a great essential oil to help your baby feel peaceful and calm.

Not only can Frankincense essential oil help your baby sleep, but it's also one of the better essential oils for toddler sleep health.

For older children, this essential oil can be applied in a small diluted amount to their hair or clothing. In addition, Frankincense essential oil has some anti-bacterial properties and is often used to help respiratory issues.


Although there are many essential oils for baby sleep health, it should be noted that these oils should always be used in their diluted form. This is especially true for very young children as they are far more sensitive to essential oils than us adults.

Also, when using essential oils for the first time, parents should always keep a close watch for any possible allergic reactions.

Many of the fantastic essential oils produced by Young Living are pure concentrated oils, and do not come pre-diluted. However, when used correctly, essential oils can be a blessing for parents who are looking for a safe and natural way to help their baby get the sleep they need.

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