Acres Of Warmth: The Best King Size Blankets On The Market

king size blankets

There is nothing more comforting than a quality, soft and luxurious blanket.

Not only do they provide warmth but more than that, they are just great to snuggle up in and keep you cosy.

Either to keep you warm in bed on those cold nights or cuddled up on the couch, nothing beats a soft, luxurious blanket.


So what makes the ideal blanket?

What do you need to look out for when selecting one?

Their main purpose is to provide comfort and warmth so the feel and fabric are important.

More about fabric later on. You also want something that will keep you warm while still being lightweight.

It has to look good. You can spot a poor quality, cheap blanket straight away. A well-made blanket, made of good materials makes a statement and adds a touch of class and elegance to your décor.

The finish and stitching must be of a high quality. Not only does this look better but it means that the blanket will last a lot longer.

You will need to keep it clean so it must be easy to wash and dry without losing shape or texture.

What is the ideal fabric?

While there are numerous options, top of the list has to be cotton. It provides the perfect balance by being warm and comfortable while still remaining lightweight.

The texture and feel of cotton is unbeatable in terms of softness and comfort. It is also highly breathable, keeping you warm without suffocating you.

Another quality of cotton is the durability of the fabric. It will last for many years and stand up to repeated washing.

After considering the many great blankets that are available at the moment, one really shone through, ticking all the right boxes. Let’s take a closer look.

Martha Stewart Quilted Knit Cotton King Blanket

Martha Stewart Quilted Cotton Blanket

The quilted King Cotton Blanket by none other than Martha Stuart is the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

This product is made from quality cotton and quilted for a perfect finish and look.

Martha Stewart has produced one the finest looking blankets and is remarkably comfortable at the same time.

It provides comfort and warmth while still remaining light & perfect for all-year use.

Key Features

  • Triple layered for maximum comfort
  • Year-round warmth
  • King size: 108 in x 90 in (274 x 229 cm)
  • Quality materials: Cover: 60% cotton/40% polyester
  • Fill: 100% polyester fill
  • Machine washable
  • 3 Year warranty


This blanket is made from quality materials, is well finished and looks great.

It is extremely plush and comfortable.

Because of the design and materials used, the blanket provides the perfect balance of warmth and comfort. It is warm enough to keep you warm in the dead of winter while still being comfortable in summer.

It is lightweight so does not smother or restrict you as well as being machine washable making it easy to keep clean.


Although it is great quality, it is a bit on the pricey side for a blanket.

Customer Feedback

The feedback posted my people who had purchased this blanket was overwhelmingly positive. People were happy with the softness and comfort and provided.

Most found it perfectly warm without being heavy or uncomfortable. It was frequently mentioned that it is suitable for all year use. The breathability was often mentioned.

There was no one that spoke critically of any quality, fabric or stitching aspects.

Whether you want a blanket for the main bed, the spare bedroom or the sofa, the Martha Stewart Quilted Knit Cotton King Blanket is an all round winner.

It is a quality product that looks and feels good and is extremely practical. It is well worth the investment.

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