Aloe Vera For Eczema: Everything You Need To Know

When we hear “aloe vera” most of us automatically think of treating burns. However, it has many other benefits that we don’t always use to their full potential! For example, using aloe vera for eczema is a fantastic way to treat any breakouts and scars.

One reason that this works so well is that it treats dry and broken skin by offering effective hydration. In this article, we'll help you find the best aloe vera eczema treatments.

Not only will we look at the best of your options, but we'll explain why it’s the best and what you should look for in similar products.


For your eczema treatment, you'll want to look for aloe vera in as pure a form as possible – such as a gel – rather than a cream with aloe vera in it. This way, all or most of the product is aloe vera, so you can reap more of its benefits.

An all-natural product is better since the addition of chemicals could take away from hydrating benefits of the aloe vera. The aloe vera shouldn’t be diluted by water either, to make sure that it’s as pure as possible.

Your aloe vera product should absorb into your skin completely. While this is important for skin care, it’s also important for comfort. If your aloe treatment makes your skin sticky or oily, then you probably won’t want to use it as often.

It’s also important for a product to be usable by even those with sensitive skin, especially if you’re looking at an all-natural formula, which most aloe vera products are.

Aloe Vera Gel By Earth’s Daughter

Aloe Vera Gel by Earth’s Daughter

The best aloe vera for eczema we found is the aloe vera gel by Earth’s Daughter.

This aloe vera gel is completely natural, with no added parabens, chemicals, fragrances, or colors. In addition, this gel isn’t diluted with any water, so you truly get what you pay for.

This gel will also easily absorb into your skin or hair without leaving a film or sticky residue. It also has potassium sorbate as an ingredient, which helps protect against bacteria.

This aloe vera gel also has miscellaneous uses. Upon purchase, this product will even give you access to a free e-book with plenty of ideas for uses by you and your family.

If you aren’t happy with this product for some reason, that’s not an issue either!

Earth’s Daughter promises a satisfaction guarantee. So, if you use their product and don’t like it, they’ll refund it for you with no questions asked.

Pros & Cons

Earth’s Daughter’s aloe vera gel seems to check all the boxes to be the ideal aloe vera treatment for your eczema. It’s all-natural, with no chemicals, parabens, colors, scents, or any other additives.

However, they refrained from adding water so to not dilute the gel too much. The gel also absorbs easily into skin and hair so you don’t have to worry about an oily or sticky residue.

A satisfaction guarantee also protects this product so you can try it out without worry. Most importantly though, it has been proven to help clear up eczema and it’s also a fantastic formula of aloe vera for eczema scars.

However, no product is entirely perfect. For this product, the biggest complaint from customers was that the gel was rather thin with an almost watery consistency. They found it harder to use on their skin than a thicker gel.

On the bright side, this consistency doesn’t affect the overall use of the product or how effective it is. Some customers with very sensitive skin also had some trouble with this product, so make sure to test it on the back of your hand before you apply it to any more sensitive areas.


In the end, the aloe vera gel put out by Earth’s Daughter is an excellent formula for your eczema and so much more. It will hydrate your skin and help heal any dry or broken out skin.

It’s also all-natural, so you won’t run into any problems with chemicals. No water is added either, so the gel that you get is pure and not watered down.

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