The Best Aloe Vera Gel Or Cream For Stretch Marks

Are you tired of not being able to wear your favorite outfit as you think your stretch marks are unsightly?

Does the thought of stripping down to a bikini at the beach fill you with dread?

It's estimated that a massive 80% of American women have stretch marks, and many women want to be free of them. 

Now, we all know that we are the only ones that notice these things about our body and we shouldn't let what other people think (or what we think they think!) affect us. 

​We also know that there's no such thing as a 'beach body'. We should go to the beach wearing whatever we want to, without worrying about being judged. 

However, if your confidence is really impacted by your stretch marks, which may be caused by any number of things, there's no need to resort to drastic measures or harsh, chemical-filled products.

There's an all-natural product out there that can work wonders, aloe vera. 

For many years the aloe vera plant has been used for its large number of medicinal purposes, most notably a soothing gel for sunburn.

Did You Know?

The properties that make it a useful pain reliever for skin irritation are the same properties that will help get rid of those stretch marks.

This article lets you in on a few hints and tips on how to get the most out of aloe vera for stretch marks.

I've reviewed best aloe vera cream to help you face the world with confidence!

What Makes A Good Aloe Vera Gel For Stretch Marks

  • Aloe vera has many skin nourishing properties. It's natural and free from synthetic ingredients that are often added to personal care products. These ingredients are often toxic and harmful to your health, so are best avoided.
  • When it comes to treating stretch marks, aloe vera contains vitamin E to help keep skin moist and healthy.
  • For this reason, aloe vera can be used as a preventative measure as well as a treatment when it comes to stretch marks.
  • Two unique anti-inflammatory hormones called Auxins and Gibberellins work to replenish your skin cells. They also minimize the redness that's often associated with stretch marks.
  • The collagen found in aloe vera help improve skin elasticity. This is both a preventative measure and a treatment for stretch marks.

Other Considerations

As I've already mentioned, aloe vera does a wonderful job at minimizing stretch marks on its own.

Be mindful of added ingredients that can do more harm than good. Ingredients such as vitamin E or shea butter can be beneficial.

They help increase the effectiveness of the already potent aloe vera.

Aloe vera can sometimes be a little sticky and unpleasant to touch.

Look for a cream or gel that's absorbed quickly to avoid leaving an unpleasant residue on your skin.

In summary, the best aloe vera creams will go on smoothly, be absorbed quickly, and be free of any toxic additives.

Does Aloe Vera Really Treat Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks have many causes.

It often doesn’t matter how you ended up with them, you may still feel that they are unsightly and embarrassing.

Aloe vera offers a natural and effective treatment. ​

This is because it contains vital enzymes, minerals and

aloe vera on stretch mark before and after

Before and After Aloe Vera Treatment

​Image by Fashion Lady

plant collagen that all help boost your skin’s elasticity.

By applying aloe vera gel regularly, you’re able to repair your skin’s collagen fibers and enhance the growth of new skin cells.

These new skin cells, along with aloe vera’s ability to help fade scars, means that those red striations will soon be a thing of the past.

Results can typically be seen in a matter of weeks, and regular application can help prevent them from occurring in the first place! Magic!​

Is Aloe Vera Gel Or Cream Better?

In order for aloe vera to work effectively on your stretch marks, it needs to be able to penetrate and moisturize the skin deeply.

A cream may feel less sticky on your skin and the smooth application may feel like it’s being absorbed, but creams often contain a whole host of extra ingredients.

These ingredients can actual be detrimental to your skin and stop the aloe vera from doing its job properly.

A gel formula, such as Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel is often purer and means you get all the natural wonders of the plant without any nasty additives.

A gel is also likely to contain a fairly high water content - although not too high that it feels runny and watered down.

The natural water component gives your skin cells extra hydration to help with rejuvenation.

Aloe vera gel also feels more soothing. Thanks to its quick-drying nature, applications can be done in quick succession.

This ensures the aloe vera gel gets to work at replenishing your skin and removing those stretch marks!​

Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel by Earth’s Daughter

Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel is a quick absorbing formula that provides your skin with extra nourishment. 

This makes it a great aloe vera cream for your face as well as your body.

It's so quick to absorb that you can actually apply it several times in quick succesion, making sure your skin is getting all the nourishment possible.

This will help to banish those stretch marks for good.

The pump-style bottle is easy to use. When a product is easy to use, you're more likely to use it!

If you're wanting to use aloe vera for stretch marks, Earth’s Daughter has concocted the perfect formula.

It's made from organic, cold-pressed aloe vera, grown and bottled in the USA.

Pros & Cons

The natural ingredients found in Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel ensures it's safe to use all over your body. You can even use it in your hair!

Its versatility is second to none. Being locally grown and bottled, you can rest assured you are buying quality.

It's priced mid-range, but its quick absorbing formula makes it more user-friendly than many of its competitors.

You can reapply several times in quick succession to ensure you get the most nourishment possible.

The consistency may be a little runny for some users.

Whilst being fragrance-free eliminates the need for toxic additives, the smell may not be to everyone’s taste.

However, the 100% money back guarantee will help eliminate any doubts you have meaning you can buy the product with confidence.

Different Ways To Use Aloe Vera On Stretch Marks

As is often the way, prevention is better than cure! The problem with stretch marks, however, is that you can’t often predict them.

Sure, a pregnancy or rapid weight loss are factors which indicate the likelihood of stretch marks, but often they sneak up on you.

Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel is an easy-to-apply pure aloe vera gel that will show results quickly.

The pump style bottle allows for simple and quick application. It can be applied directly to you skin.

In fact, it dries so quickly you can apply several coats in quick succession for maximum benefit.

However, if you’re looking for super-fast results, there are some additional ways you can combine aloe vera with household ingredients to try and speed up your results.​

Aloe Vera And Coffee

Combine the aloe vera with ground coffee to make a paste, then apply to your skin.

Massage the area, leave for about 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Apply a final coat of aloe vera gel. The coffee will help with skin elasticity and fade more prominent scars.

Aloe Vera And Lemon Juice

Adding fresh lemon juice to your aloe vera gel will help exfoliate your skin, allowing for faster growth of new skin cells.

Apply the mixture and leave to dry for about 20 minutes before washing off with warm water. Again, apply more aloe vera to the area to prevent drying out.

Aloe Vera And Vitamin E

Look out for gels that already contain vitamin E as it’s crucial to helping with skin elasticity and rejuvenation.

You can also add your own vitamin E by bursting a vitamin E capsule and combining it with your gel.

Simply apply your new formula as normal, and as often as you can!

In Conclusion

Although you know it beauty is more than just skin deep, stretch marks can play a role in seriously lowering your self esteem.

By using Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel, you'll help keep your skin moisturized. This will help prevent and treat stretch marks.

Using aloe vera for stretch marks is a natural alternative to harsh creams, and will leave you feeling radiant and confident.

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