Best Knee Sleeve For Running: Go Hard & Go The Distance

best knee sleeve for running

Taking care of your knees is essential. Should you ever injure your knee and not take the appropriate aftercare, you could be facing years of recurring injuries and for runners, this could mean you are out for the count.

Knee sleeves for running are a great option to protect the joint, especially for people with problematic knees, or to help heal existing injuries.

Finding the best knee sleeve for running could be the most sensible purchase you make, and if you find the perfect one it could last you a good long while. Within this guide, we will discuss what makes a great running knee sleeve, what product we've picked as the best running knee support and all the benefits.

What Makes A Good Knee Sleeve?

Knee sleeves and running knee supports are great at doing two things, supporting and protecting the knee and can be used before or after an injury.

Knee Supports for running, also referred to as knee compression sleeves, work by increasing blood flow, reducing pain, inflammation, and swelling, so finding a good knee compression sleeve for running is important.

Look out for high-quality fabrics such as moisture wicking properties. This will keep your muscle warm whilst still allowing air to circulate the area during the healing process.

A great knee sleeve will have a snug fit all over and may even come with additional tightening belts or straps. It's also recommended that if you suffer from a recurrent injury, weak knees or just problematic joints you should wear this sleeve during any physical activities.

It's worth mentioning that when it comes to your knees there's no messing around and whilst knee sleeves are great for relieving pain and healing minor injuries, they are not a knee brace, and if your injury sustained is not healing, you may need some extra support in the form of a knee brace. A visit to your doctor for further advice and recommendations is the best option in this case.

Now, we can move on and discuss our favorite product, the best knee sleeve for running.

Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support For Running

Knee Compression Sleeve Support by Ultra Flex Athletics

This is a truly great product that’s fantastic value for money. Aimed at running, jogging, sports, joint relief, Arthritis and injury recovery, you can wear this sleeve as prevention methods or treatment of an injury.

Ultra Flex has received some of the highest rating and customer feedback due to its great price and reliable performance.

Unlike other sleeves available, Ultra Flex have used the highest quality materials and to ensure this sleeve does not become loose over time, it has been designed with a 4-way stretch, making this product durable and long-lasting.

With its stylish design and strong support, the Ultra Flex Athletics knee compression sleeve is the best knee sleeve for running. To find the best fit for you see our size guide below.

Size Guide

Start by measuring 4" above your knee and choose between high compression or moderate compression depending on your level of support and or injury. A great fit makes the difference when it comes to finding the best knee support for running.

Small > 14.5-17"

Medium > 17-19.5"

Large > 19.5-22"

Pros And Cons

There are many benefits to discuss with the Ultra Flex sleeve, to begin with, the materials used. It’s made with double silicone anti-slip materials ensure the sleeve does not slip, roll or slide down your leg.

It’s also made with a lycra and nylon blend, making this product lightweight for ultimate comfort. With great compression to improve and speed up the recovery process, this knee compression sleeve for running offers pain relief and is suitable for men, women, and children.

The only downside to mention would be that whilst this sleeve offers support and relief in minor to moderate injuries like runner's knee, tendonitis, and arthritis, it will not treat knee injuries and in this case, you should visit your doctor.


Now we know how important it is to look after your knees and what to look out for in a great running support there is no reason you shouldn’t have one.

As we discussed, you don’t need to be an avid runner or athlete, in fact, there’s all the more reason to wear one for prevention measures if you're doing any physical activities to strengthen your muscles first.

And remember, to ensure you get the best fit and avoid the sleeve from rolling, sliding or moving out of place, follow the size guide above.

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