Find The Best Massage Chair: The Massage Chair Review Guide

These days, most of us lead extremely high stress lives that can leave us tense and our muscles tight.

When we just can’t take the discomfort anymore, a lot of us pay the ever more extortionate prices for professional massages.

It's not hard to see why! Did you know that just 60 minutes of massage is the equivalent for your body of 7-8 hours sleep?  

However, a professional massage isn't the only way to experience the bliss. 

Investing in a massage chair could be the answer to your prayers. If you regularly have professional massages, then having your own massage chair could save you a lot of money in the long term.

With so many massage chairs for sale, choosing the right one for you is no mean feat. We’ve trawled through the massage chair reviews out there for you.

We've put together a list of the different types of massage chair available, the best and most reliable brands out there and the top selling massage chairs, all to help make your decision that little bit easier.

Different Types of Massage Chair

Many people think that all massage chairs do basically the same thing.

If you look at a little closer, you’ll find that there are several different types of massage chairs to choose from. That's something you need to be aware of when you’re making that all important choice.

Here are the main types of massage chair on the market and what they do, so that you can make the right decision depending on your specific needs.

Upper Body Massage Chair

Some massage chair focus exclusively on the upper body, mainly the back.

They may also massage the neck, the arms and the shoulders, but this can vary and should be checked beforehand.

These chairs are cheaper than some of the other types of massage chair available, but might be perfect for you if you specifically need massage focused on your back.

One thing to remember is that these chairs might not always have a reclining feature.

Full Body Massage Chair

Any chair that's sold as a full body massage chair will massage almost every part of the body, from the feet to the neck and everything in between.

These chairs generally have a body-shaped dip which you slot into, allowing the chair to access more parts of your body.

Some chairs also include arm and hand massage features, but you’ll need to check the chair in question.

The best of these chairs are adjustable so that people of different shapes and sizes can comfortably use them.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Once just a feature that massage chairs came with, zero gravity has proved so popular it's become a type of chair of its own.

It reclines to the extent that you start to feel weightless as it stretches out and realigns your spine.

This is a godsend for those needing release in the lumbar area. It helps to restore good posture at the same time as relaxing those aching muscles.

Air Massage Chairs

Rather than using rollers, as the majority of these chairs do to massage the body, air massage chairs use large numbers of air bags.

Some models incorporate both rollers and air bags. Overall the feeling is of a gentle, all over, relaxing massage rather than a strong massage focused on problem areas. 

Chairs that use both rollers and air bags will probably use the air bags for a soft massage of the limbs, with rollers, which can apply more pressure than air bags, focusing on the back.

Heat Therapy Massage Chairs

We all know how soothing heat can be for aching muscles and joints, aiding the healing process and melting away tension.

In heat therapy massage chairs, it's generally the rollers that heat up, then manipulating your body. This might be combined with heat pads in the back, seat or even the leg rest areas.

Having a heat function included in your massage chair is both luxurious and extremely beneficial.

Many massage chairs on the market offer a combination of the types of chair listed above, for example you might have an upper body massage chair with a heat therapy function.

Identifying the features that are most important to you before beginning your search will help you to find the right massage chair in no time at all.

Top 10 Best Massage Chairs Reviewed

Online product descriptions will only get you so far when you’re looking to make an important purchase like this one.

The key to buying the right chair for you is to look at the massage chair reviews that previous customers have given.

To help you on your way and give you an idea of the most popular and trusted brands on the market, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 best massage chairs out there, according to their online reviews.

Bear in mind that this list includes both more expensive and budget massage chair options.

 Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA™ Massage Chair

Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro Ultra.png

This chair tops the list as, although it has a hefty price tag, it's an excellent massage chair that's received excellent customer reviews.

Panasonic are experts in the massage chair field, having been selling massage chairs since the 1960s.

They focus on making the experience as lifelike as possible.

They incorporate different massage techniques to give the user the best experience possible. 

This chair definitely isn’t the budget option, but if you choose to invest then you won’t be disappointed.

One of the stand out features of this massage chair is the flexibility it offers, with 8 different manual operations and 5 pre-set programs, from a Swedish massage to a Shiatsu massage, so you can mix things up.

It offers auto recline and is exceptionally comfortable as well as being stylish and a great addition to your home, with a dark wood finish on the armrests.

iJoy-2310 Massage Chair

iJoy-2310 Recline & Relax Robotic Massage Chair

Human Touch’s offerings are without doubt among the best massage chairs out there, and the reviews prove it.

This brand prides itself on focusing on simulating a real massage as closely as possible.

The iJoy has three different automated programs mimicking different professional techniques.

It emulates the techniques that a therapist would use, kneading, compression, percussion and rolling.

If you’re looking for a back massage chair, these chairs have specific settings which allow you to focus on lumbar soreness and tension.

This chair is a much more affordable option when compared to the Panasonic offering.

An advantage is that it declines to an almost 180-degree angle, offering another level of relaxation.

INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

Inada have been pioneers in the massage chair industry and are continually developing their techniques.

This product is their best seller, the Sogno Dreamwave. The price tag is hefty but the incredible technology that has gone into it means it delivers incredible massages, using an innovative and effective airbag system.

Designed and made in Japan, the scanning technology locates points of tension and then adapts each massage to your body.

No massage will ever be quite the same, as your body is never quite the same two days running.

On top of the pre-programmed massage setting, you can use the remote to customise your massage experience.

There's even a youth session so the younger members of the family can enjoy a gentler massage.

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair

Osake OS4000B Model Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This chair is excellent for back pain sufferers and especially taller people.

The airbag intensity is great, with a strong heat setting for back rollers.

It's a quiet machine and well priced compared with other high end zero gravity machines.

The remote controlled settings offer 5 speeds and massage intensity with focus being on the foot, calves, arms, hips and shoulders.

The only negative is that the pressure on the neck massage may not be a firm as you desire.

Overall, this massage chair offers quality and comfort from a trusted brand.

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair 

Infinity Iyashi Zero-Gravity Massage Chair Leather Infinite

Another relative newcomer, Infinity started selling massage chairs in 2009 but are extremely popular with customers.

Their best seller, and the reason they made this list, is the Iyashi zero-gravity massage chair.

It incorporates many Tai Chi inspired massage techniques.

These chairs are available in a range of colours.

An innovative feature is that these chairs have android and iPhone apps that you can download, allowing you to easily operate your massage chair from your mobile device rather than worrying about keeping track of a remote. 

This operates via Bluetooth, and means you can also have your favourite music playing during your massage.

This chair is another one for those with a higher budget, but it's extremely sleek and stylish, and incorporates all of the latest technology, earning it its place on this list.

Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Best Massage Brand

Best Massage offers a variety of great mid-range massage chairs, such as the 06C or the EC01.

The EC01 which has four different massage programs that can be adjusted to target problem areas in your body.

It has a rolling, kneading, compression, and percussion function.

A full body chair massager, this chair also incorporates vibrations and airbags.

Best Massage is another well-known brand in the industry and all of their chairs consistently receive great customer reviews.

Luraco Technologies

Lucaro Technologies

iRobotics massage chairs are made in the US.

Although they’re at the pricier end of the spectrum, they've been praised by customers for its innovate features and effectiveness.

Their chairs are full body massagers and have 6 different modes. The massage can be focused on different body parts, from your head to your toes.

The chair can detect problem areas itself and focus the massage in on them.

It also incorporates zero gravity, taking the level of relaxation to a whole new level.

An advantage of this chair by Luraco is how easy it is to adjust to different body types.

Authentic Beautyhealth

Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair

Last on our list of other brands of massage chair out there are chairs from Authentic Beautyhealth such as the Authentic Beautyhealth Shaitsu robotic massager.

It's been praised for the effectiveness of its heat therapy and the 69 air bags that focus on the lower half of the body.

As well as different massage modes you can chose from programs like fatigue and awake, depending on your mood, and you can even sync your massage to an MP3 track.

How to Choose the Right Massage Chair

Investing in a massage chair is a big step, so we’ve put together a list of the main things that you need to take into consideration before making your final decision.


Massage chairs aren't small pieces of furniture and generally don’t blend into the background, but you need to be sure that the design of the chair you select complements the room in which it will live rather than clashing with it or drawing the eye in a negative way. Make sure you have room for the chair and decide in advance exactly where it will be.


You want your chair to last, so make sure it’s sturdy and has the right weight capacity. Bear in mind that the sturdier the chair the harder it'll be to move around, so make sure the spot you select for it works well for you as it won’t be easy to move it once assembled.


Generally, the more expensive a massage chair is the more settings it offers, adjusting the intensity levels, the massage type or where the massage is targeted. If various people will be the using the chair then it's worth making sure you buy something that can be adjusted for different heights and body types.

Massage programs

Would you like a full on Shiatsu or Swedish massage, which more expensive massage chairs can offer, or will the basic vibrations that many budget models offer be enough?

Type of chair

Would you like heated rollers, or are heated pads in the chair enough? Would you like a chair that focuses on the upper body or back, or would you like a full body massage chair which will massage you from head to toe? The more coverage involved, generally speaking, the more expensive the chair is likely to be, but the better the massage experience will be.


Have you got that?

Having decided on your priorities and your budget, it shouldn’t take you long to select the perfect massage chair for your purposes.

Generally speaking, the cheaper the chair the less massage coverage and fewer settings it provides.

Although the prices may seem a bit steep initially, a good quality massage chair is built to last.

If you choose wisely, you could be reaping the benefits of having your own private masseuse in your living room for years to come.

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