Best Portable Water Filter: Get The Best Filtration System

Water is important to the overall health of our bodies. Clean water should be a priority for your family, so drinking water is a precious commodity.

Adults should be drinking between six and eight 8-ounce glasses of water on a daily basis to maintain optimum health. 

You want your tap water to be safe, and you want it to taste good. Portable water filters can improve the taste of your water and protect your family from harmful contaminants.

There are different types of water filters: carafes, faucet-mounted, whole house systems or portable reverse osmosis water filters.

All of these can be excellent ways to improve the quality of your water.

We're going to focus on the best portable water filters used in carafes or pitchers and provide you with a list of the top 5 portable water filtration systems.

PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with 1 Filter

Pur 18 Cup Dispenser with 1 Filter

PUR uses Maxion Filter Technology. This innovative technology uses activated carbon and ion exchange to reduce more contaminants.

PURs dispenser has received excellent reviews from customers as one of the best portable water purifiers or filtration system.

Its filters are BPA free and NSF certified.

When in use, the filter removes up to 95% of mercury from tap water.

It also reduces chlorine to improve the taste and odor of your water. 

It's recommended that you replace the filters every 40 gallons or every two months. All of the above reasons combined make this our top choice in portable water filters!

Brita 10 Cup Everyday BPA Free Water Pitcher with 1 Filter

Brita 10 Cup Everyday BPA Free Water Pitcher with 1 Filter

Brita is well known for its water filtration systems.

Its filters remove impurities from the water through absorption.

Absorption occurs when particles and molecules stick to the surface.

The filters cut chlorine for better tasting water. They also reduce copper, cadmium, mercury and zinc.

The filters use coconut-based activated carbon with ion exchange resin. They are BPA free and NSF certified.

Brita filters must be pre-soaked before use and it's recommended that you change the filter after 40 gallons or every two months.

Mavea 1018903 Elemaris XL 9 Cup Water Filtration

Mavea 1018903 Elemaris XL 9 Cup Water Filtration

German made, Mavea brings a new line of portable water filters and systems to North America.

Their filters are BPA-free and feature a micro-screen that reduces carbon particles in the system, so you won't see tiny black bits floating in the water.

Mavea filters do not require pre-soaking.

The filtration occurs because the ion exchange resin reduces the lime scale and metals in the tap water.

The filters also contain silver and provides anti-microbial protection which extends the filter’s life. All of this helps in making your drinking water clear and delicious.

The Alkaline Water Pitcher

The Alkaline Water Pitcher

The filtered Alkaline Water Pitcher gives you fresh drinking water.

The filter/cartridge uses 7 stages to reduce chlorine, odors, metals, zinc, copper and other pollutants.

The filters are BPA free and NSF certified.

The benefits of drinking alkaline water include removing and eliminating free radicals and toxins.

Another health benefit to alkaline water is that it is touted to increase your immune system and energy level.

Le Doux Waters 10 Cup Water Pitcher Filters with 1 Filter

Le Doux Waters 10 Cup Water Pitcher Filters with 1 Filter

Le Doux Waters portable water filter system has a 4 stage process.

  1. The particle mesh removes sediments.
  2. An ion exchange resins reduces metals such as mercury, copper, cadmium, and zinc.
  3. Coconut, activated carbon reduces odor and the chlorine taste.
  4. The micromesh provides the final filtration.

This system has an LCD timer to let you know when to change the filter.

Like most other portable water filters, you must change it every two months or after 42 gallons of use.


A portable water filter is good for up to approximately 40 gallons of water. Using one filter is equivalent to 500 plastic bottles of water.

However, many people buy bottled water, so that their families have clean drinking water.

Using a portable water filter can provide you with some assurances that your tap water is healthier to drink whilst saving you a lot of money and doing the environment an awful lot of good. 

There are many portable water filtration systems available to you. Choosing which one is best for you depends on what fits your needs. All of the best portable water purifiers or filtration systems are BPA free and NSF certified. NSF International is a global leader in public health and safety. All of the products listed above are NSF certified.

Before purchasing portable water filters, find out what substances are in your tap water. Once you find that out, look for the best portable water filter or purifier that meets NSF certification for those specific substances.

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