The Best Quality Child Ear Protection and Kids Ear Plugs

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Protect your child’s ears! Buy the best quality kids earplugs and child ear protection devices on the market. Don’t take any risks with your child’s health.

As a parent, the safety and protection of your child is your biggest concern. As such, only the best products will do when protecting them. This counts for everything from the best cold medicine to the best ear protection. To help you find the best product to protect your child’s ears, our product review guide will show you your best kids ear plugs on the market.


To choose the best kids ear plug, first, you have to know what makes a good ear plug. The primary criteria are a protection of hearing and a protection from an ear infection, specifically swimmer’s ear, when in the water. Other important features include for the ear plug to fit comfortably into the ear as well as being made of a comfortable material.

This means that it won’t irritate the skin, which is especially important for children with sensitive skin. On the more economic side of safety, ear plugs that are safe to reuse more than once make it much easier to save money on this product.

Product Overview

Putty Buddies’ Original Swimming Ear Plugs

The product we found that fit these criteria the best is the Putty Buddies’ Original Swimming Ear Plugs. Developed by an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist and approved by a litany of doctors, so you know it’s a product you can trust for your children.

The ear plugs themselves are made of a soft, moldable silicone that will cater to any size you need and not irritate a child’s sensitive skin. The product is also promised to work for children with tubes in their ears or any similar health concerns with their ears.

A package of these ear plugs comes with six pads of silicone for ear plugs in bright colors so they won’t get lost easily, even if they do happen to get knocked out while playing in the pool.

These ear plugs are made for kids, but, because of their one size fits all design, parents can benefit from their use as well. These kids ear plugs are also reusable, so you don’t have to buy new ones every time you need a pair, saving money in the long run.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take the bad news first and tackle the cons of this product. The main one is since these ear plugs are a putty, rather than a solid piece that fits in the ear, and thus have a lower melting point. Because of this, there have been complaints of these melting in warmer, heated pools.

This not only can rarely but possibly harm the child by small pieces getting stuck in the child’s ear but cause the problem that the putty doesn't hold its form anymore, making the product virtually ineffective. Luckily, though, this problem is only caused in hot water, such as swimming in a heated pool, and therefore avoidable.

On the bright side, the pros of this product heavily outweigh the cons. The first is the fit of the earplugs since you can mold these specifically to the child’s ear, they are a custom fit every time and can even be worn by adults as well. In addition to a custom fit, these ear plugs can be molded to have a good seal to keep water out of the ear, protecting children with ear problems so that they can’t get water in their ears and from swimmer’s ear as well.

Of course, since this is blocking the ear with a tight fit, they will also block some sound. In addition, the tackiness of the ear plugs helps them stay in better than some of their competitors’ products. They are made out of silicone that won’t irritate your child’s ear either. Another pro of this product is that they can be reused for a period of about two weeks, so you don’t have to buy new ear plugs every time you want to go out for a swim.


From your day to day routine to an emergency, as a parent, you do your utmost to protect your children. Part of this includes only doing and having the best for your kids, from doctors to teachers to medicines. Protecting your children’s ears is just as important, and the Putty Buddies’ ear plugs are sure to do the trick.

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