Pain Relief Drinks: Get The Best Tea For Menstrual Cramps

Ladies, let’s be honest – periods can be a total nightmare.

I had a lucky run where mine were easy-breezy, but they seem to have gotten worse with age.

I’ve had to take days off work, some days I can’t move without being in pain and I just seem to walk around crying over nothing.

Turns out, 80% of us suffer from period pain at some point in our lives, and for 5 to 10% of us it's severe enough to get in the way of our day-to-day lives. 

It might sound dramatic to those few of you lucky enough not to have menstrual cramps, but if you’re reading this and nodding your head, I’ve got something that might really help.

I’ve found the best tea for menstrual cramps and it actually works!

For me, any hot drink calms me down and soothes my body, but this tea helps relieve the pain and discomfort of cramps while tasting delicious.

Yogi have formulated the perfect antidote to period pain and I love them for it.

Menstrual cramps are common and can be one of the most annoying parts of getting your period. They’re caused by your uterus, which is a muscle, contracting.

The contracting action is caused by hormone-like substances, known as prostaglandins and it places pressure on nearby blood vessels, briefly cutting off the supply of oxygen to the uterus. It’s the lack of oxygen that results in uncomfortable, and often painful, cramps.

These cramps can occur at any stage during your menstrual cycle and are generally harmless to your health. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to alleviate the pain naturally.


When buying any kind of tea, it’s important to bear a few things in mind before running wild in your local wholefoods store.

Teabag or loose leaf? Normally I’d go for loose leaf, as I prefer the flavor the untouched leaves tend to give.

When I’m suffering from period pain and have dragged my poor little body from my bed to my kitchen, however, I just need some pain relief as soon as possible.

At this point, I’m probably in a little duvet-burrito, mildly hysterical because I dropped a sock on the floor (or something else inane and non-catastrophic) and need something that I can make fast.

Teabags are a dream in this kind of situation – no faffing with strainers and measurements, just dunk the bag in and enjoy.

If you’re looking for the best tea for menstrual cramps, there are a few ingredients to look out for.

I love herbal teas already, so will never turn down anything that’s got all of nature’s goodness and half the field behind my house crammed into it.

Chamomile is definitely something to keep an eye out for, as it calms your body and mind, as well as soothing aching muscles. Raspberry leaf is also a good ingredient, as it helps relieve period pain and cramps.

Look for something caffeine-free!

Your body is already going through a lot, so putting caffeine in it will only make things worse. My period makes me clumsy, jittery, super anxious and irritable. Imagine five-coffee-a-day-me on top of that. Yeah, not great.

If these sound like similar symptoms, please do yourself a favor and give up the coffees, or at least cut back. It’s easier than you think, especially since you’re only doing it for a week or so, and for a good cause!

Yogi Teas Woman's Moon Cycle

Yogi Teas Woman's Moon Cycle

I have long loved Yogi teas, and the fact that they make a tea specifically designed for women and the nightmare that can be our menstrual cycles only makes me love them more.

For just under $20, almost 100 tea bags can be yours. Insane, I know!

Teabags are a great option when you’re in a rush or want to take something on the go.

Pop a few teabags in your handbag to take to work and enjoy the speed with which you can make a brew.

Like I said, I love loose leaf teas but sometimes teabags are just more practical.

This tea is packed with flavor, with raspberry leaf working hard to relieve the pain of those dreaded cramps while offering a lovely fruitiness.

This tea also contains ancient Chinese herbs, designed to help alleviate bloating and water retention, as well as offering relief to your whole body.

The chamomile calms the mind and relaxes you – just what you need when you’re going through a tough time. This tea is supposedly meant to help with those crazy food cravings, too.

Or is it just me that raids the kitchen every 3 minutes when period pain strikes?

Pros & Cons

I’m all about the pros with this product, so get ready to hear only positive things!

Yogi teas are beautiful and genuinely make me feel so wholesome and taken care of.

Any other herbal tea lovers will understand – there’s something about a hot cup of tea that smells amazing and is full of natural goodness to cheer you up.

Yogi teas are natural and organic, and feel so good for the soul. This tea is caffeine-free, so is a great thing to drink just before bed. No more being woken up by horrendous cramps.

As a product, you’re getting a total bargain. Under $20 for all of this loveliness is too good a deal to miss.

The best thing is that there are no chemicals or conventional medicines in this tea, so you can drink as much as you like, whenever you like – on your period, just before when the pain is almost worse, and after, just for the taste.

Traditional Medicinals Healthy Cycle Tea

Healthy Cycle Tea by Traditional Medicinals

Healthy Cycle Tea by Traditional Medicinals offers a unique combination of organic, herbal ingredients to help promote a healthy menstrual cycle. It tastes delicious and can be enjoyed hot or cold and will help ease the pain that’s associated with menstrual cramps.

The tea is naturally caffeine free, so it’s great for relaxing in the evening without disrupting your sleep. An added bonus is that it is not only safe for breastfeeding mothers, but it can actually help boost milk supply!

Overall, Traditional Medicinals Healthy Cycle Tea is great for women at all stages of life.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Monthly Comfort Tea

Organic Monthly Comfort Tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby

This tea is specifically formulated for use after childbirth as well as to alleviate the pain associated with menstrual cramps. The organic ingredients include cinnamon, lemon balm and ginger root, all playing a role in helping your postpartum recovery and monthly pains.

It’s easy to make, simply steep a tea bag in boiling water for 5-10 minutes, allowing to cool before drinking. For maximum results, you need to drink around three cups of Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Monthly Comfort Tea each day.

This means you’ll work your way through your supply fairly quickly. Luckily, your purchase contains three boxes.

Other Remedies To Reduce Menstrual Pain

Take A Bath

I'm sure you know by now that there's nothing more soothing than this. Take the weight off your feet and let the heat of the water soothe the pain.

Hot Water Bottle

If you haven't got a bath, a hot water bottle works just as well.

Wear Loose Clothing

Don't put unnecessary pressure on your abdomen with tight clothes.

Drink Water

Drinking more water is always a good idea, but it's the most natural pain reliever there is when you're experiencing cramps.

Get A Good Night Sleep

Your body can't be expected to deal well with your menstrual cycle if it isn't well-rested.

Do Some Mild Exercise

I know you don't feel like it, but some mild exercise like taking a walk can help get your blood flowing, which will relieve your cramps.

Try Essential Oils

Lavendar, clary sage and majoram are all wonderful for period pain.


If you’re looking for a relief from period pains and general grouchiness, I’ve found the best tea for menstrual cramps and all the other joys we get to experience once a month.

This tea is delicious, great value for money and genuinely works to keep you feeling as happy as possible during ‘that time of the month’.

I’ll probably still eat my weight in chocolate, but hey. Every little helps…

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