A Detailed Look At The Best TENS Machine For Labour

Preparing to give birth can be an exciting time, but it's not exactly a picnic. 

There are a few techniques for coping with labour pains, but how to deal with them is down to personal preference. 

While some women opt for pain relieving drugs, more and more are turning to natural methods.

One method that women are raving about is the use of a TENS machine (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation). 

These handheld devices deliver stimulation to key points on the body to help control labour pain.

There are a number of machines available on the market, but if you’re pregnant you’ll want to know which TENS machine is best for labour.

Our guide can help!

Choosing how to get through the labour pains may be a tough decision for women.

Many are becoming hesitant to choose pain relieving medications and are seeking alternatives.

A TENS machine can offer help during those crazy pains experienced during labour, without the drugs. 

A maternity TENS machine is a handheld, battery-operated controller that connects to pads that are put on the body in specific locations.

When on, the device sends safe electrical pulses through to the muscles and tissues.

The feeling is like a tingling sensation. You can adjust the level of these pulses to what is most comfortable for you.

There are several types of TENS machines available. Not all are created equal, however, and you’ll want to make sure the one you choose is safe to use whilst pregnant.

If you’re unsure, always consult your doctor, but our choice for the best TENS machine for labour will be safe for maternity use.

​Perfect MamaTENS

Perfect MamaTENS

The Perfect MamaTENS is the best TENS machine for labour on the market for many reasons.

This convenient handheld device will help you ride the waves of labour pain without the need of medication.

It was even made in conjunction with midwives to ensure the device works and is safe for mother and baby.

The device requires two AA batteries that are included. Once powered on, you can adjust the setting up to 60 levels.

There are no complicated buttons, just easy-to-use controls to turn off and on and to adjust levels and lock them in place.

The pads are placed on the lower back where they can provide the best support.

Once on, the device will send small electric pulses to the lower back area.

This helps with the pain relief by encouraging the body to release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, and also by blocking pain signals to the brain.

The feeling is almost like a tingling, or vibration, in the muscle. It’s completely harmless to both mother and baby.

You can control the intensity with the slimline device. This is the best TENS machine labour pains have ever come up against. 

​Pros & Cons

A huge benefit of using a TENS machine is that it’s controllable pain relief, unlike medication.

However, during labor, you may not feel like having to focus on controlling a TENS machine! Thankfully, the Perfect MamaTENS has three pre-set programs to turn on and then not worry about it.

There's also a neck cord and belt clip to help keep it handy. It's also claimed that the Perfect MamaTENS machine will help women stay upright during childbirth, which can help the delivery.

The batteries also are long-lasting and should see you through labour.

There’s a handy storage bag so you can grab and go when baby decides he or she wants to make their appearance.

One disadvantage to a TENS machine though would be that the pads are placed on the lower back where women may find hard to put on by themselves, so help might be required.

Also, lieing back on the pads and wires may be a bit uncomfortable.

This isn’t just the best TENS machine for labour, but also for easing those post-natal pains, even after a caesarian.


If you're expecting and looking for natural ways to control pain during labour, consider the Perfect MamaTENS machine.

This device, although small, can deliver the right amount of pain relief without the need of medication.

Don’t confuse this machine with others on the market. Go for one specifically designed for the pregnant woman in mind.

The Perfect MamaTENS is no doubt the best TENS machine for labour and more than worth giving a go to help you focus on a healthy delivery that's as painless as possible.

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