Clean Bottle Water: The Best Water Filter Pitcher At Home

best water filter pitcher

Every home strives to have clean and safe water for use and most importantly for drinking. Sometimes however it is possible that our home water may contain excessive chlorine and a few toxins that may not have been filtered out.

Tap water that we get at home is purified using chlorine which has an unpleasant smell. Therefore I will give you a list of the best, affordable and efficient water filter pitchers for your home.

They come in various sizes, colors, designs, purification systems, prices, and materials. All the pitchers I will list are BPA free, and the only other pitcher that can compare is a stainless steel water filter.

So you do not have to worry about BPA side effects with any of these water filter pitchers.

Brita 10 Cup Everyday

Brita 10 cup everyday

The Brita 10 cup everyday has a beautiful design that will comfortably fit in your home. It has a unique design that ensures you save space in your refrigerator.

Your fridge needs to accommodate a number of things, but you also need cool and clean water this pitcher will enable you to achieve both of these. It is one of the best water filter pitchers on the market.

The filtration system will reduce any traces of copper, mercury, and cadmium in your water. This will give you water that is more tasty and healthier for consumption.

The filter is durable and comes with a Brita pitcher filter change indicator that will notify you when you need to change the filter.

It is advisable to change the filter every 40 gallons of water which is approximate to two months of use.

MAVEA 1018903

MAVEA 1018903 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

The MAVEA water filter pitcher comes in various colors, black, eggplant, ruby red, tangerine, and white. This water filter pitcher is also made in different sizes thus giving you the chance to choose the size that suits you best.

You get to choose both size and color and get clean and tasty water. It is the best water filter pitcher you can get not only for the home but for the office too. With different sizes, it can be used in a variety of places. And yes you can get it gift-wrapped.

It utilizes an advanced MAVEA maxtra filtration system that will ensure your water is free from all toxins and is safe to use. Its design makes it easy to use. It's efficient in that it has two compartments which ensure that your tap water and filtered water doesn't mix. This makes it highly effective in filtration and use.

PUR CR-6000

PUR CR-6000

This water filter pitcher is claimed to remove 2x more contaminants as compared to all other best water filter pitchers.

This may be true as it removes 13 contaminants as per its NSF certification. It has a limited 90-day warranty. That is a whole three months for a water filter pitcher!

The PUR CR-6000 water filter pitcher has a space saving design that will easily fit in your fridge but also big enough to hold 2.5 liters of water.

Each filter will last for two months after which it will require replacement. If you do not have a water bottle filter, then you can easily use water from this pitcher to refill your water bottle. It provides you with clean water even when you are on the go.

Jorlyen Water Filter Pitcher

Jorlyen Water Filter Pitcher

This water filter pitcher comes with three water filters that will last you up to eight months.

The filter is also universal making it convenient to use in other water filter pitchers and you can use other water filters on it too. You can get it in two colors, blue and purple.

It has a five layer filtration system that simply makes it the best water purifier pitcher.

The five layer filtration system reduces limescale, chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminations.

Allow for one handed filling since its cover has a flip top lid.

The lid is also designed to allow you to fill the pitcher without removing the top cover. To ensure that it does not consume too much of your fridge space it has a slim design that occupies little space but can contain 2.5 liters in total capacity.

LeDoux Water Pitcher Filter

LeDoux Waters 10 Cup Water Pitcher Filters

It has a 10 cup water capacity, a four-stage filtration system, a universal water filter cartridge and an LCD timer feature.

It’s simply one of the best water filter pitchers available.

It will provide you with clean water for your home or office and your water bottle when you are on the go in case you do not have a water bottle filter.

Though it can contain up to ten cups of water, it is built in a compact design that will only utilize minimal space in your refrigerator.

Its four filtration stages are:

• Particle mesh filter
• Ion exchange resin
• Coconut activated carbon
• And the micro-mesh filtration

All these stages will ensure that your water has no sediments or toxins and will reduce the taste and odor of chlorine in your water.


Water filter pitchers are an affordable solution to accessing clean and safe water to drink at home. The above-mentioned water filters have clear water filter jugs to ensure that you can see how clear the filtered water is and also ensure that it does not mix with any tap water that is not filtered.

A water filter pitcher will save you the cost of buying bottled water and reduce on plastic bottle wastes. Get any one of the above-listed water filter pitchers and be assured of clean water to drink that does not cost you and helps keep the environment clean.

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