Let Nature Work Its Magic: Coconut Oil Stretch Marks

Coconut oil is a miracle product. There, I’ve said it.

Don’t get me wrong, I was suspicious at first. so many Instagram accounts and blogs went on and on about how amazing coconut oil is without really offering much to back-up their claims other than selfies and bikini photos, and I got a bit fed up of it all.

So, I decided to look into it properly and I'm now a complete coconut convert. I have one jar for my kitchen, which I use for baking and cooking, and one jar in my bathroom. I use it on my hair (makes it smoother), my teeth (as a whitener), as a makeup remover (no dodgy chemicals) and, most recently, as a full-body moisturizer.

Using coconut oil for stretch marks and cellulite is now common practice, and for good reason.

Along with most of the population, (80%, to be exact) I had a bit of a growth spurt in my teens and still have the stretch marks to prove it, despite still only being 1m60.

Unfair, I know. Now, I hate any kind of advertizing that makes women feel inadequate (aka, all of them). The whole beauty industry feeds off women’s insecurities, offering 'amazing' products that promise to finally make them beautiful.

At the same time, they make them believe that they’re not good enough as they are and  are therefore giving them yet more insecurities to trap them into a cycle of consumerism. Eurgh.

I’m a strong believer in appreciating the body you have, be it covered in stretch marks, body hair, cellulite, or whatever.

I’m also a strong believer in doing whatever you can to help yourself feel better and boost your own self-confidence. So, if there’s a product out there that can help you feel great, why not use it?

Coconut oil is chemical-free but crammed full of delicious ways to make you feel beautiful just as you are…

What’s the Best Coconut Oil to Buy?

Lucy Bee's Coconut Oil

Pay attention here, this is important –please, please, please only ever buy virgin or extra virgin coconut oil!

There are a lot of products out there that also add nasties and chemicals to pad out the oil. Do not buy these.

They will not give you the results you expect and will probably do more harm than good. Opt for a natural ‘100% (extra) virgin coconut oil’ and you’ll be set.

My favorite?

Lucy Bee’s coconut oil. It’s aimed at use in the kitchen but can be used as a beauty product too – great little multitasker!

This is a great coconut oil for cellulite as well as other skin imperfections.

How Much Should I Be Spending?

This is a tricky one, but another important thing to bear in mind. Now that so many hipsters/ ‘almost-vegans’/ healthy-living Instagrammers have jumped on the coconut wagon, the price of coconut oil has obviously gone up. Sure, you want to make sure you’re paying enough to be getting the real deal, but don’t get ripped off!

The product I've suggested is a mid-range brand but one I trust completely. You’re getting exactly what it says on the tin without having to break the bank for it. Most places have options for 500ml of coconut oil. Don’t pay more than $20 for this amount.

This is a bit of an investment buy. On the other hand, it can be used for so many things that you’re technically saving money on conditioner, makeup wipes and cooking oil for the next few months.

You can also use coconut oil for stretch marks, blemishes and any other unwanted skin imperfections.

How Does It Actually Work & Can I Really Get Rid Of Cellulite & Stretch Marks?

Without going into the boring science of it, cellulite is essentially just fat that presses against the skin, causing the dimples we’re all too familiar with.

Stretch marks are pretty self-explanatory and often accompany growth spurts, weight gain and pregnancy. Both of these are completely normal and highly common in both men and women!

Rubbing coconut oil into your skin improves blood circulation and helps break down the fatty deposits, working on cellulite to improve its appearance. It also helps to fade any dark red or purple stretch marks by soothing your skin.

Use coconut oil for stretch marks and to hydrate your skin at the same time.

Bear in mind that coconut oil, while incredible, will not give you air-brushed, blemish-free, photo-shopped skin. Nobody has thatkind of skin in real life!

Every person will have some kind of cellulite, skin dimples, scars, stretch marks or imperfections, even if you can’t see them. Coconut oil works to improve the appearance of your skin and is great for your health. Unfortunately, it can't totally get rid of skin imperfections.

How Much Should I Be Using & How Often?

I tend to opt for a generous dollop of coconut oil twice a day. A little goes a long way, so make sure you’re covered without being totally smothered!

Typically, the oil will be in solid form, especially in winter. You can easily start to rub it onto your skin as your body temperature warms it to a liquid state. Use circular motions to cover the desired area, as this also boosts circulation. Coconut oil takes a few minutes to dry, so allow yourself time in the morning so you don’t end up getting stuck to your clothes!

Twice a day is enough to start improving the condition of your skin. If this is too much commitment, even using it just once a day will leave you feeling softer and more supple within no time.

Get Started!

So, for anyone looking for some help with stretch marks and cellulite, here’s your new best friend. Coconut oil is genuinely a beautiful, natural way to make you feel good about yourself!

Using coconut oil for cellulite and stretch marks is a great way to hydrate your skin while reducing the appearance of those body parts you’re not 100% in love with.

I love coconut oil for so many reasons and this is just one of them. Buy yourself a jar and get stuck into discovering all the wonderful benefits that it has to offer.

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