Derma Roller Before & After: See the Results For Yourself

dermaroller before and after

Thinking of hopping on the bandwagon and trying out derma rolling? But does it really work? Well, before you go sticking needles in your skin we will simplify things and discuss everything you need to know about derma rolling and how it can become part of your beauty regime and what benefits you can expect.

One thing is for sure, you’ll be amazed by the derma roller before and after results that you’ll be wondering why you didn’t give it a go sooner. So let's get the ball rolling...

What Are Derma Rollers & How Do They Work?

Derma rollers are a unique beauty tool designed with a roller head covered in tiny needles which penetrate the top layer of your skin creating slight abrasions. Why would anyone cause themselves harm you ask?

It's really quite clever, by creating micro injuries your skin is triggered into producing collagen to heal and begin repairing the area. This collagen is crucial in the quest for endless youth as collagen and elastin production leaves your skin plumped up, tightened and looking younger. Aside from producing collagen, derma rolling is a form of exfoliation clearing out your pores and stimulating blood flow for a glowing complexion.

Does Derma Rolling Really Work?

Great for all kinds of facial and body markings such as stretch marks, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite, and almost any blemishes you wish to banish, many people claim 60 to 80% improvements from using derma rollers within 12 months.

By using titanium needles it breaks down old scar tissue and promotes blood flow to stimulate healing and produce new collagen without damaging your skin. These derma roller before and after pictures show the signs of scarring before treatment, right after and 1 week after and the results are clear, the immediate after effects may shock some, although it must be said this treatment is not as harsh as it may appear.

Not only is derma rolling great for acne scarring but many people also rave about the derma roller stretch marks before and after results they see.

Choosing The Right Derma Roller & Needle Size

When selecting the best roller look for a reputable brand, like with most things, if you go ahead and simply search google you will be met with tons of options and leave yourself feeling overwhelmed with the variety.

Purchase a roller with titanium needles as these are the strongest and most durable option out there. This isn't really the time to be looking for the cheapest product.

After all, when it comes to invasive treatments such as derma rolling you would rather a good quality product. For needle sizes check out this useful overview of the options available and their uses. 

Products To Use After Treatment

Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin by Cosmedica Add a little bit of body text

You can really maximize your serums by using them after derma rolling, your pores will be open and exfoliated and so this is the optimum time to use your favorite face serums.

Just be sure to that it can be used on derma rolled skin, a great option is this best-selling Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin by Cosmedica available from amazon. 

Maintaining My Derma Roller

To maintain and clean your roller you will need to use at least 75% alcohol, often your derma roller product will come with a cleaning tray which allows you to fill it with the alcohol solution and submerge your roller in there.

Leave this to work its magic for a while from 1-3 hours if possible, then run under warm water and allow to air dry on a clean paper towel. Do this after every use and remember, never share your derma roller.

Final Thoughts

Now you know all there is to know about derma rolling you can go on to find the best product available and use it safely at home and enjoy your derma roller results.

If you’re a little uneasy before your first go, check out some handy youtube videos with demonstrations to put your mind at ease, a great one to watch is this derma roller before and after tutorial. 

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