Dermaroller Stretch Marks: Reviews Guide

dermaroller stretch marks

Stretch marks are deep scars that come from skin suddenly stretching. Almost everyone deals with these at some point whether it’s from pregnancy, weight gain or loss, or even a teenage growth spurt. However, these stretch marks don’t have to be forever.

With a derma roller for stretch marks, you can quickly and easily get rid of those annoying stretch marks without any problem. Before you can have derma roller before and after stretchmarks photos of your own, you have to find the right derma roller.

There are many factors to consider when shopping for your derma roller and it can be more than a little overwhelming. Lucky for you, though, we’re here to answer all your questions to help you find the best derma roller for stretch marks.


There are many factors to consider when you are looking for a dermaroller for stretch marks. For example, what size dermaroller for stretch marks do you need?

This is important to consider since dermarollers use needles to break up your skin cells; causing your body to create new, tighter, and healthier skin cells. If you use the wrong needle size, however, you can end up damaging your skin further.

For stretch marks, you should use a 1.5 mm to a 2.0 mm needle. However, if you’re new to using dermarollers, it’s usually suggested that you start with a 1.5 mm needle.

However, this isn’t the only factor to consider. One thing to consider is that - to be used effectively and achieve faster results - you should apply a cream or skin serum to your skin before using a dermaroller.

This means that you need a dermaroller that will allow for the use and absorption of these materials. If you don’t see immediate results, though, don’t panic. These dermarollers work a little differently for everyone, so it may take more than a couple of uses to notice changes. It’s also good to know ahead of time that because of the nature of this treatment, it may cause slight bleeding with use.

This is normal and can simply be cleaned after treatment; your dermaroller isn’t faulty if slight bleeding occurs.

Healthy Care New Micro Needle Titanium Dermaroller

Healthy Care Titanium Microneedle derma roller

The product we found to suit your dermaroller stretch mark needs is the Healthy Care New Micro Needles Titanuium Derma Roller. This dermaroller is advertised to be able to be used for generally clear skin as well as deep scarring – which includes stretch marks. The appearance of these dermarollers is a black handle while the dermaroller itself is a dark purple. These needles are strong, heat-resistant, and erosion-resistant so they will last you a while. While these needles are silver in appearance, they’re made of a titanium alloy – a strong and resilient metal that is one common option for manufacturers of these types of products.

The length of these needles is 0.25 mm, not quite the proper length for helping to treat stretch marks. In addition, there are similar products available in different needle lengths, so if you enjoy it or aren’t seeing results and need different needle lengths this option is available. This dermaroller is also made easy to clean thanks to a double-ended shape design. This product also comes sterilized, so it’s safe to use right out of the package. This product is intended for personal use and it unsanitary and unsafe to share this or any dermaroller with anyone else. This is because the nature of the product can cause it to draw blood, so it’s important to be aware of the possibility of coming into contact with other people’s blood and the development of infection if you share this product.

Pros & Cons

This Healthy Care New Micro Needle Titanium Dermaroller is extremely impressive as a dermaroller for dealing with stretch marks. There are a variety of features these products have that make them one of the best on the market. New and longtime users alike found the dermaroller impressive thanks to the rust proof titanium alloy used for the needles. This made even new users feel more comfortable in using a product such as this on their skin. In addition to coming in sterile packaging and being sized well, it’s also designed with a double-ended shape. This makes cleaning easier as we already mentioned, but it also helps to make the handle of this product ergonomic for easy use.

Unfortunately, the Healthy Care New Micro Needles Titanium dermaroller isn’t an entirely perfect product. The first inconvenience most customers notice is the head of the dermaroller. This dermaroller doesn’t have a head that can be changed to fit different sized needles or allow you to replace the head once its needles get dull. This is, of course, less economical if you’re planning on using a dermaroller on more than just stretch marks, which will make you need more options for sizes, since it would force you to buy a separate dermaroller entirely. In addition, the needles on this particular product are smaller than most would recommend for a dermaroller for stretch marks. So, they won’t work for everyone.


Derma rollers are a fantastic way to rid your skin of stretch marks, no matter what caused them.

For new users and those who have found dermarolling as the best cosmetic treatment for them, the Healthy Care New Micro Needles Titanium dermaroller is one of the best options for using on your stretch marks. While it does have its drawbacks, the advantages that this dermaroller has far outweigh these. For one, this is one of the best dermaroller sizes for stretch marks. 

At .25 mm, this dermaroller is a decent start for those customers who are just starting to use this method to get rid of their stretch marks, even if it isn’t large enough for users later on. If this size doesn’t work for you, though, the same criteria we discussed can be used for finding a similar product with a larger needle.

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