Hearing Protection: Find the Best Earplugs for Concerts

earplugs for concerts

Do your ears ring at with loud music at concerts? Then you need the best earplugs for concerts. Protect your hearing with the best value products on the market

Concerts can be one of the most exciting, energetic, fun experiences to go to, whether we are the ones performing or enjoying the show. Unfortunately, we usually temporarily lose our hearing as a result of a night of fun such as this.

Luckily, this ringing that we are so familiar with can be avoided with the right ear protection and with our guide, you can find the best product on the market.


The primary function of this type of product is obviously to protect your ears from harmful sound, but that only covers the bare minimum of functionality. The noise, while it needs to be reduced, cannot be muffled. This would take away from the enjoyment of an audience member and be extremely impairing for a performing musician.

Another important feature is, of course, comfort. When considering earplugs for concerts and music festivals specifically, you have to be able to wear them for hours or even a whole day without any resulting pain or inconveniences, so a product made for long term wear, without any irritation, is a must. A final feature that is more economic than functional is an ability to safely wear the ear plugs more than once before having to replace them.

Product Overview

LiveMus!c Hearsafe Ear Plugs

LiveMus!c Hearsafe Ear Plugs

The concert ear plugs that go above and beyond the basic criteria for a concert are the LIVEMUS!C HearSafe Ear Plugs. The earplugs are fitted so that they are comfortable and block out the sound with a noise reduction rate of up to 29 decibels.

This works to actually reduce the noise level, rather than just muffle the sound around you. These earplugs are hypoallergenic, so they are made for sensitive skin. These earplugs also come with a carrying case so you won’t lose them when you aren’t wearing them and an attachable cord so you won’t lose them when you are wearing them either.

Pros and Cons

These earplugs are designed to fit into your ears very well, and they do. They are ergonomically shaped so that even wearing them for hours on end, they don’t begin to ache and they don’t slide out, no matter how much you’re moving around, a quality that rock fans especially will find more than useful. This design also helps to reduce sound, without muffling it or blocking it out completely.

The point of these ear plugs is to replicate the reaction your ears have to sound, just at a rate of 23-29 decibels lower than if you weren't wearing the ear plugs. If you’re on the performing end of a concert, the noise isolation of these ear plugs will become convenient, especially when trying to tune your instrument. These ear plugs are also reusable so you don’t have to buy a new pair for every show you attend. For your convenience, they also come with a case to store them in for between shows and a cord to attach them.

Of course, no product is perfect, but this one has few complaints. The only complaint about this product actually doesn’t refer to the ear plugs themselves. Rather, it refers to the cord you can attach the two ear plugs together with. The idea is fantastic, however, unfortunately, the cord doesn’t always stay attached the way it should. Overall, for the use of the product, this challenge is insignificant and won’t affect the usefulness of the product in any way. Luckily for this product, the pros outweigh the cons without a doubt.


That ringing in your ears after a day of music isn't just annoying, it’s a sign of damage to your hearing. The solution to this problem is rather easy. A pair of earplugs for concerts can solve the problem with no inconvenience to you. With these ear plugs, you won’t have to deal with a distortion to your hearing during or after the show, allowing you to enjoy yourself without worry.

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