Stretch It Out With The Best Foot Stretcher For Dance

Dancers are always looking for ways to stay on top of their craft.

While movements may be beautiful and seem effortless, there’s so much work involved to be able to achieve the positions. 

Some dancers turn to an apparatus known as a foot stretcher to help increase range of motion.

About half of dancing injuries involve the foot or ankle, and stretching can help prevent these. 

There are many to choose from though, so how do you know which is the best and safest to go for?

If you’re looking for the right ballet foot stretcher dance teachers approve of, then have a look at our guide.

Dancers can achieve a nice range of motion with practice, stretching, and more practice!

But many are turning to foot stretchers to help push themselves a tiny bit more.

In the past, dancers would have to have their instructor hold down their foot while they lowered their calf to the floor, giving the upper arch a proper stretch.

However, this can cause more damage than good due to the heel being flat on the ground. It’s hard to achieve without assistance and can be painful too!

This is where a foot stretcher can help. Not only should you be able to do it without assistance, but in a way that’s safe and more natural, keeping your heel in a comfortable position while you gradually work the ligaments.

Superior Arch Foot Stretcher

Superior Arch Foot Stretcher

The Superior Arch Foot Stretcher is a breakthrough in helping dancers achieve the very best arch possible for them.

It’s been carefully designed to stretch ligaments without causing damage to any other part of the foot.

This foot stretcher is set apart from the rest on the market due to its supportive system for not only the foot, but the calf as well.

There’s a slight incline in the design so your calf can rest naturally.

There’s minimal impact on the heel, allowing it to rotate and avoid damage to the intricate bones here.

The base is made from wood and is covered with two-inch thick memory foam, adding extra comfort. There’s extra high-density foam padding where the arch of the foot and heel would be.

The Superior Arch Foot Stretcher is very easy to use.

Start by sitting down and simply use the Velcro straps at the end of the stretcher to strap your foot in comfortably, without pushing it too much too fast.

The Velcro is super tough and will keep your foot in place without coming undone while allowing you to adjust the tension as you go on.

Young or old, experienced dancer wanting to get back into it, or just starting out, the Superior Arch Foot Stretcher is ideal in helping with foot flexibility.

Pros & Cons Of Our #1 Choice

It’s not just dancers who can benefit from a foot stretcher. Gymnasts and swimmers can also find the apparatus useful in improving range of motion.

If you have flatter feet, a foot stretcher could possibly make the arch even more flat and create instability.

You get a choice of color fabrics: black, blackberry (dark purple), or red.

This foot stretcher dance tool is only wide enough for one foot at a time.

Some dancers may prefer doing them both simultaneously to save time, but you would need to purchase two.

To make sure you get the most out of your foot stretcher, Superior Arch supplies instructional videos to ensure you're doing it the right way.

While foot stretchers for dancers will help stretch the ligaments and indeed increase range of movement, you need to increase the strength in that area as well.

If you don’t think the strength is there, then a foot stretcher may not be for you.

If you have a history of foot/ankle injuries, then a foot stretcher may not be recommended.

Always ask a health professional if they think it’s suitable for you.


Are you ready to achieve that amazing arch and perfect your dance?

Want a foot stretcher dance instructors use themselves?

Then try the Superior Arch Foot Stretcher! It makes a much more comfortable and safer alternative than having someone hold your foot while you stretch.

It reduces the risk of damage and will help you achieve the ultimate arch that's suitable for you without pushing too far.

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