Goat Milk Soap Eczema: An In-Depth Guide

goat milk soap eczema

Do you suffer from dry and damaged skin?

Is eczema a problem that you just can’t seem to get rid of, despite using a concoction of lotions and creams? The solution to your problems may be a simple one. In many cases the very products you are using to help your eczema can, in fact, be making it worse.

Many commercial soaps are full of synthetic ingredients that actually dry out your skin (and have many other nasty effects too).

Eczema sufferers know too well that dry skin causes eczema to become extra-irritated. One of the best cleansers to keep your skin clean and your eczema under control is goat’s milk.

It can easily be bought in bar soap form and often contain all natural ingredients to leave your skin clean, moisturized and irritant-free. I have found a fabulous goat milk soap to treat eczema that is safe for use by the whole family, read on to find out more.

What Makes A Good Goat Milk Soap

The most important factor regarding soap of any kind is to keep it simple. Goat milk soap for eczema is no different. Many ingredients can impact negatively on the dryness of your skin which is of no use to eczema sufferers. To ease your eczema with goat milk soap, consider the following factors:

The quality of goat milk

Seeing as it is the main ingredient, it is advised to buy a goat milk soap that is made from the best quality milk. Fresh, raw milk from a healthy herd of goats is better than canned milk.

Other ingredients

Goat’s milk alone is full of vitamins, minerals and proteins (which is why many people benefit from drinking it). However, more needs to be added to make it an effective cleanser. Read the label carefully to ensure the soap is free from synthetic chemicals. Oils like coconut, palm and castor are great additions for their cleansing and moisturizing properties.

How the soap is made and cured

Keep your eyes out for goat milk soap that is cold-pressed and cured without heat. This takes longer but is a more natural process that allows you to enjoy the best quality soap that will last as long as possible.


You are more likely to use a soap that you like the smell of. Just like any other soap or cleanser, you will often find a range of scents so it should be easy to find one that suits your tastes. Just makes sure that the scent comes from a natural source and not a synthetic one as synthetic fragrances can often have negative side effects.

Carolina Soap Works Handmade Natural Goat Milk Soap

Carolina Soap Works Handmade Natural Goat Milk Soap

Carolina Soap Works have crafted a handmade goat milk soap specifically designed to help those with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and dry and itchy skin.

The all natural ingredients, including farm fresh goat’s milk, moisture-rich coconut oil, ensures that the soap won’t dry out your skin and because the pH levels in goat milk soap are so close to those found naturally in your skin, it helps keeps your skin's oil in a healthy balance.

The soap looks and feels great, it lathers just like any other ordinary soap and there are several options of divine smelling scents to choose from.

Each purchase contains two bars of soap, each rich in vitamins, protein, minerals and naturally occurring glycerin to help create the best goat milk soap for eczema.

Each bar will last around 2-4 weeks, depending on how frequently you use it, which means that you can last anywhere between 1-2 months before needing to re-order.

Pros & Cons

The relationship between goat milk soap and eczema is a positive one. Carolina Soap Works contains the best quality goat’s milk and nourishing coconut oil to help alleviate eczema.

It won't take many washes to notice a significant improvement in your skin, and can be used on both your face and your body, making it a very versatile soap for the whole family.

Carolina Soap Works use the cold-press method which allows their soap and glycerin to form without being cooked or applying heat. This helps produce a fine bar of soap. The soap is competitively priced, making it excellent value for money when compared to other goat milk soaps.

Despite the natural ingredients, some people may still experience skin irritation so it's wise to use a little at first as a test. Whilst there are four scents, the soap is sold in packs of two which means it is difficult to avoid scents you do not like.

In Conclusion

When it comes to goat milk soap and eczema, Carolina Soap Works have created one of the finest products in the market. The fact that they use farm fresh goat’s milk and all natural ingredients means that the treatment of eczema can be done naturally and effectively.

If you suffer from eczema (or any other skin irritation) making the switch to goat milk soap is just what you need.

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