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hiking water purifier

The sweat drips from your brow as you climb over the last step and plant your feet at the top of the mountain. Your throat is dry and irritable and your breathing heavy.  Every time you swallow it’s like a handful of rocks are sliding down your throat. You pull out your water bottle and scramble quickly to open the top. You go for a swig and look down to see tiny dark particles and not so clear water waiting for you to make the choice.

Dry throat or your health?

You shouldn’t have to make that choice. And with Sawyer Product’s you don’t have to. Instead, you get the best hiking water filter. Made to fit most drinking apparatus these man-made hiking miracles will not only create clean safe drinking water they will make sure it tastes just as good and stays that way. No more choices on whether your water is OK to drink. Now, you just drink.


The ideal water purifiers are those that blend portability and purification to the max. They enable any person who wishes to have clean purified water and a trip without hassles just that. You’re looking for weight that is under 5 ounces, durability for hiking, canoeing, repelling or any outdoor activity, top notch filtration and easy access.

Clean water is essential for any human, that’s a given, but to have it on the go while you indulge in some of your favorite activities is a desire you can fulfill. Life is all about those moments that make us happy. Hiking and outdoor activity makes you happy, so make sure you’re prepared to enjoy it to the fullest with the best hiking water filter.

Product Overview

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

The Mini Water Filtration System is simply the best product you can find in terms of hiking water purifiers and reliability in all aspects. A weight of 2 ounces makes it ideal for any portable activity or outdoor recreational situations.

Hiking has never been made more accommodating with water consumption than now. A filter that takes care of 99% of all bacteria including Cholera, E. Choli, Salmonella and more.

And the special perk of this product is that it includes a 16-ounce reusable drinking pouch. In terms of perks and compared to other products Sawyer Products has truly created the best water filter for hiking.

Pros & Cons

As a water filtration system Sawyer Products, has gone above and beyond creating a mini filtration system that outshines its core problems. A 16-ounce reusable pouch makes up for the ability to enjoy clean water on those longer hikes. The 100,000 gallons it can filter makes it one of the most massive portable filtration systems.

And coming in weighing only 2 ounces bolsters its ability to satisfy even the most hardcore of hiking fanatics. There is still a bit of work involved in getting water from the pouch to water bottles or other water containment items you own. But this small annoyance can be made up in all the pros this product offers. As the best hiking water filter it doesn’t get any better than Sawyer Products.


I would highly recommend this product based off its sheer quality in production and what it is made to do. The weight, reusable pouch and vast filtration abilities only add to the many more reasons you should give it a chance. And anyone should use it regardless of their hiking experience. It's not for the best hikers. It’s the best water filter for hiking.


Most people who hike, whether it be recreationally or fanatically, don’t know about the pure benefit of a portable filtration system. Maybe after they read this article they will see what you and I now know. That clean water at any time you need during physical activity far from any water source is amazing.

You don’t get any better than low weight, vast filtration numbers and easy to use portability all wrapped up in one convenient package. So, stop taking my word for it and find out yourself. Whether you are a recreational or avid hiker prepare to be amazed at how much your hiking experience improves. It’s as simple as not having to choose between thirst or health. Instead, you just drink.

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