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menstrual sponge

A menstrual sponge is a wonderful natural, renewable, biodegradable resource that has been used for ages for women’s monthly cycles. A menstrual sponge is very comfortable, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

They have extremely good absorption and are completely safe. I have discovered the best menstrual sponge that is all natural and comes straight from the sea! It is the reusable sea sponge made by Jade and Pearl.

They harvest their sea sponges straight from Atlantic, Caribbean and Bahamas waters. Let’s talk more about this brilliant menstrual sponge and why you should think about starting to use one.

Why Should I Use A Menstrual Sea Sponge?

There are many wonderful reasons to start using a sea sponge for your monthly cycle. First of all, they are a renewable resource which means that when the sea sponges are harvested a small bit of sponge is left behind so it can keep growing and harvested again.

How fabulous is that! They also are free of any harsh chemicals, pesticides and actually contain beneficial sea minerals.

Sea sponges also have special enzymes that inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. They are incredibly durable and soft saving you both money and giving ultimate comfort.

Regular pads and tampons can be so expensive and one sea sponge will last at least three months so you can see how much money you could save. I highly encourage all women to keep an open mind, try them and see the difference for themselves.

Why Choose Jade & Pearls Reusable Sea Sponges?

Jade and Pearls Reusable Sea Sponge Review

Jade and Pearl use extra special care with every single menstrual sponge that they send out. They carefully inspect, wash, trim and professionally package every precious one.

Jade and Pearl has been distributing their product to women for over forty years so you can trust what they do. Their natural sponges come in extra small, small, medium and large and you can purchase them in classic or ultra soft.

With the proper care, these sponges will last you anywhere from three to six months.

Jade and Pearls sea sponges are durable, a naturally renewable resource and free of any harsh chemicals like bleach and chlorine.

I love the fact that they are completely natural and from the earth. It just makes sense to use something Mother Nature would make instead of a bleached and chemical laden manufactured product.

Jade and Pearl also make the best cloth menstrual pads I’ve ever found which are also very nice to have.

Disposable Pads & Tampons Versus Reusable Menstrual Sponges

Jade and Pearls Reusable Sea Sponges

I’m sure you’re thinking that you love the convenience of just throwing out your disposable pad or tampon, but think of all the waste that you are adding to our earth.

An average woman in her lifetime will have used over 15,000 disposable pads and tampons that end up going straight to our landfills.

That is alot of waste and garbage that our environment will need to break down. It will take decades for our earth to decompose all that garbage that we pump into the oceans and land constantly.

Think about too that regular disposable pads contain wood chips, plastic, synthetic fibers and cotton.

Cotton is one of the most toxic sprayed crops around getting twenty percent of the world’s pesticide and herbicides sprayed on them.

And your pad or tampon is not naturally so white. It has gone through an extremely intense bleaching process that creates the byproduct dioxin which has been proven to be harmful to humans.

If you add a fragrance to that you’re really asking for it. Also, disposable pads and tampons are extremely expensive and because they are a monthly purchase the costs really start to add up.

A menstrual sponge is safe, environmentally friendly and a very cost effective option that all women should seriously consider.

I feel that it is so important to be informed and really know everything we can about what we put into our body so we can make an educated informed decision.


Jade and Pearl have been offering this amazing, safe menstrual sponge to women for the last forty years so you can trust their product and know it will work.

I highly recommend all women to try them and after you do you just might never go back to using regular disposable pads or tampons again.

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