Banish Sensitivity: Mouthwash For Sensitive Teeth

mouthwash for sensitive teeth

We've all seen the adverts featuring people biting into ice creams and revealing the miracle product that allows them to do so without wincing.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you'll understand the pain that comes with consuming extra-hot or extra-cold food and drink. You'll also be sceptical about how a product can really help you overcome it.

Well, no more suspicion, friends. I've found a mouthwash that will really help you deal with sensitive teeth, while strengthening them. With this, you can bite into a cone without crying (who really bites ice cream anyway?!)

Colgate have produced the best mouthwash for sensitive teeth, so read on to find out more…

What to Look For

So, what should you be looking for in a mouthwash when you have sensitive teeth?

Going shopping for any kind of health or beauty product can quickly turn into an absolute nightmare. Rows and rows of almost identical products all offering different things in tempting packaging.

It gets very stressful and you often end up buying what you always buy, even if it doesn't really work, just out of ease.

I've compiled a few tips into a mini buying guide for you, so, hopefully, your next trip to the store won't be as draining…

Buying Guide 

Firstly, give up the booze!

In your mouthwash, at least, let's be realistic. Many mouthwashes contain alcohol, which is totally normal and can be beneficial to your teeth and gums.

However, those with sensitive teeth should avoid products containing alcohol. This can worsen the condition and won't offer any benefits to you.

This type is also meant to be the best mouthwash for braces, just in case this is something else you have to factor in. It's recommended for kids for obvious reasons.

Ideally, find a mouthwash that is also anti-bacterial. You may as well have a total clean while you're at it! Fluoride is a common ingredient in dental products and can help prevent tooth decay, so keep an eye out for it.

These kind of mouthwashes are also great for any bad breath issues you may have going on. They'll leave you feeling totally clean and fresh!

Probably pretty self-explanatory, but opt for products specifically designed for sensitive teeth and gums.

These will be packed with extra goodness to help strengthen the enamel on your teeth as well as soothing your mouth.

There are various levels of teeth and gum sensitivity, and if yours is an ongoing or worsening condition, it'll be worth chatting to your dental hygienist and seeing what they recommend for you personally.

Colgate Sensitive Relief Mouthwash

Colgate Sensitive Relief Mouthwash

Everyone has heard of Colgate for a reason, and this mouthwash just goes further in proving why they're so great.

For just under $30, you're getting a great little product. It may seem a little pricey, but it's so worth it.
This mouthwash is designed specially to help with sensitive teeth and gums.

It works by improving the condition of your tooth enamel, strengthening teeth and making your mouth better equipped at eating or drinking everything you want.

It protects the nerves around your teeth and gums so prevents any painful experiences, and also stops acid-related decay.

This mouthwash for sensitive teeth is alcohol-free so will really help improve your teeth and gums!


The good aspects of this mouthwash? It works! Always a bonus, I know…
This mouthwash really works to protect your teeth from any immediate pain while offering long-term relief, too.

You're getting the best of both worlds with this product. It builds a protective barrier and looks after the nerves in your mouth.

I love that this is alcohol-free, too, as it just feels a lot more gentle on sensitive teeth and sore gums.

It still gives a great feeling once you've used it – smooth, shiny, clean teeth that you're not afraid to sink into something delicious.


The downside for me? The price. It's 100% worth the money and works much better than the more budget options on the market, but, I'll admit, the cost did put me off a bit at first.

However, you end up saving money on dentist appointments and having to try lots of different mouthwashes before finding a good one.

This isn't exactly a budget buy, but I'm happy with everything else about it, so my ‘pros’ definitely outweigh the ‘cons’!


Hopefully I've helped you realize that there really is a mouthwash for sensitive teeth that will help you.

My little miracle product from Colgate is everything you've been looking for, so enjoy, go forth and eat some gelato…

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