Curious About MSM For Hair Growth? We Explain It All Here!

msm for hair growth

Many people have been searching the internet wondering what MSM for Hair Growth is and what it means for them personally. With all the supplements and vitamins on the market today, it’s possible that you are feeling overwhelmed about what is right for you.

In this article, I’m going to give you the complete guide as to what MSM is, why you need it, how it can work best and even some tips and tricks to make the process successful for you!

What Exactly Is MSM?

MSM in its purest form is methylsulfonylmethane1 or more simply, organic sulfur. When most people think about sulfur, they immediately think of the stinky version, but organic sulfur is completely different from the yellow sulfur that you are thinking about.

This is an organic and all-natural mineral that your body needs.

What Happens When My Body Doesn’t Have This Organic Sulfur?

If you are experiencing thinning, rough and brittle hair, the lack of this essential mineral might be the entire cause. A lack of MSM in the body can cause a collagen and keratin deficiency, leading to weak hair and nails.

We all know that collagen and keratin are both vital players in healthy hair; therefore it makes complete sense that if you’re lacking this essential mineral which aids in the production of these two necessities, it could be causing you a problem. All your efforts to regrow your hair could be in vain without this supplement.

Do I Personally Need MSM?

Let me ask you a few questions.

  • Is your hair thinning despite all your best efforts to regrow it?
  • Do you find your hair becoming more rough and brittle?
  • Is your skin wrinkled and blotchy?
  • Are you experiencing brittle and weak nails?

If you are able to answer yes to any of these questions, it’s possible that you are suffering from an MSM deficiency.

Can I Get Enough MSM From My diet?

We used to be able to receive what we needed from our foods, but farming has changed as we have commercialized our food production.

These essential minerals, such as MSM, are no longer found in the food that we eat. Even when you are being purposeful about eating healthy and organic, the soils in which your foods were grown were probably lacking in sulfur content2.

What Do I Do Now? Is There Any Hope?

Don’t worry! There are some fantastic supplements available on the market to give you the MSM for hair growth that you need. On Amazon alone, I was able to find you several, highly rated products for you to investigate further.

One of the preferred ways of increasing your intake is by taking your MSM supplements in the form of powder, as in the highly rated BulkSupplements MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) Powder. With the powder forms, you can just mix some into your water and whatever your body doesn’t need will be naturally removed after 12 hours.

If you prefer to take a pill form, there are plenty of those available on the market as well. Check out the NOW Foods MSM 1000mg, 120 VCaps! This would be an excellent way to improve your MSM intake and start on the road to rebuilding beautiful, luxurious hair.

MSM Is Good For So Much More

MSM for Hair Growth is important, and the reason you are reading this, but there are many other benefits to taking an MSM supplement that are just added bonuses for you. Check out all these other claims people have made simply from incorporating MSM into their daily routine:

  • Relief of Chronic Pain
  • Lessening of Allergies
  • Reduction of Snoring
  • Cure of Dental Diseases
  • Relief from Digestive Issues
  • Reduction of High Cholesterol
  • And more!

The list goes on and on of all the added reasons to enjoy an MSM supplement. Just imagine, you can experience healthier, more vibrant hair as well as a more complete and whole body.

In fact, did you know that Organic Sulfur was even used by Cleopatra over 3,000 years ago3? That makes me think that people have long known what we are just rediscovering now. This well-researched supplement is a must for any woman experiencing hair thinning issues.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

Every day that goes by is a day lost to your brittle and thinning hair. There doesn’t need to be any more embarrassment or shame when out in public, your hair can be beautiful once again. Simply add an all-natural MSM supplement to your daily regimen to rebuild your collagen and keratin supply. In no time, you’ll be enjoying thicker and more luxurious locks once again.

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