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While spray tans are generally not harmful, there has been some debate about the risks involved with inhaling the fumes that come with it. DHT, the ingredient used in self-tanning solutions, is not harmful to the skin, but it’s not meant to be ingested in any way. Plus, there are other ingredients involved that just aren’t necessary. To get the very best out of your spray tan, go organic.

An organic spray tan will give you the same results, but without the extra chemicals that can be potentially harmful. Our guide will help you find the best organic spray tan solution for you and your skin.

Lavish Tan Organic Airbrush Tanning Solution​

Best Organic Airbrush Spray Tan Solution

Lavish Tan Organic Airbrush Tanning Solution – Lavish Tan have an amazing organic self tanner that has even been voted number one in Allure magazine 2011.

The color is a lovely golden brown that is great for all skin types.

You don’t have to worry about a chemical smell with this organic spray tan. It smells like warm vanilla brown sugar! This tan can last for nearly two weeks and has an even fade, ensuring you won’t end up looking blotchy or like a zebra!

It isn’t sticky like other solutions and you can shower in about 5-7 hours.

This self tanning solution can only be used with HVLP spray tan machines.

It’s received nothing but five star ratings and for good reason too. It’s the best organic spray tan solution choice for many.

Tampa Bay Tan Natural Tan Super Fruit Infused

Tampa Bay Tan Natural Tan Super Fruit Infused

This organic spray tan solution is made by well-loved Tampa Bay Tan.

It’s not only organic, but paraben-free and 100% safe for vegans. It has no added artificial perfumes, only the natural scent of natural Mandarin orange extract.

It is loaded with antioxidants from the infused fruits. This will help the skin get some essential vitamins, making it look and feel its best.

The formula is non-drying, so your skin should be feeling nice and moisturized, even after a shower. The color is quite intense with Tampa Bay Tan so always do a light layer first. You can get solutions with different DHA percentages in it but 12% is good for most all skin types. Always do that light spray tan first though!

Bahama Tan Sunless Tan

Bahama Tan Sunless Tan

Here is a spray tanner that comes complete in one bottle! No spray tan machine is needed with Bahama Tan.

It has an easy finger pump in a non-aerosol can that provides an even, professional looking tan. It also comes with a mitt to blend in those troublesome areas like back of the knees and ankles.

This means you can have that gorgeous spray tan topped up even while traveling. It has argan and sunflower oil leaving the skin feeling fantastic.

If you’re going on vacation and want something for on the go, the Bahama Tan spray tan is a perfect choice.

Golden Star Beauty Sunless Tanning Spray

Golden Star Beauty Sunless Tanning Spray

Using certified organic products, Golden Star Beauty’s Sunless Tanning Spray will give you the perfect golden tone.

It’s packed full of oils like jojoba oil and macadamia oil to condition the skin. It even features hyaluronic acid which makes skin appear fuller and more youthful. It’s streak-free and doesn’t rub off on your clothes or bed sheets.

It’s a non-aerosol spray that provides a lot of control to help prevent blotchiness.

Only one application will give you a dark tan if left to set overnight before showering.

Sjolie Icon Reserve

Sjolie Icon Reserve

Here is another tanning solution with PETA approved organic ingredients.

The Icon Reserve comes in different tiers of colors for the tan you’re looking for (Tier 2 is at 12% DHA).

It dries super-fast and doesn’t leave any stickiness. After applying, you can get dressed in 60 seconds!

Icon Reserve can be used in HVLP, or booths and airbrush systems.

You can even add one of Sjolie’s additives to the solution, like anti-aging.


Organic spray tans are a wonderful way of getting that healthy-looking glow without any harsh chemicals

As many of these actually come full of other ingredients like argan oil and antioxidants, it actually helps the look and feel of your skin while making you feel like you just stepped off the beach. Be good to your skin and choose an organic spray tan solution!

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