Treat Your Skin: The Best Organic Body Lotion On The Market

Your skin is your body's largest organ, so don't neglect it! This guide to organic body lotion tells you the best products for keeping your skin healthy.

We are often on the lookout for the latest health trends when it comes to taking care of ourselves from the inside. We often forget about the organ we actually see the most…our skin!

We often happily slap things onto our skin that we would never dream of putting in our mouths. However, our skin absorbs many of the chemicals we put on it, meaning we may as well eat them and be done with it. 

There's a growing market for organic body lotions. Which ones are best for our skin and which ones just give us temporary relief?

5 Best Organic Lotions Reviewed

These are the very highest rated lotions that are also organic in chemical make-up. Read our reviews below to find out which one is best for your skin type.

Alba Botanica Emollient Lotion

Is dry skin haunting you? Dry skin can leave you itchy, with flaking skin and a generally uncomfortable feel for the rest of the day.

Fear not, for Alba Botanical have a near “magical” organic body lotion that provides intense moisturizing to help with that!

Their Very Emollient Body Lotion is packed with all natural ingredients that we know are good for our insides, too. These include aloe vera, green tea and chamomile extracts, as well as antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids. These natural acids have been used for centuries for improving the complexion and wrinkles.

This product is suitable for extremely dry skin providing instant relief that lasts for 24-hours. It's also hypo-allergenic. 

This body lotion is extremely affordable and comes in a whopping 32-ounce bottle with a convenient pump to be sure you get exactly what you need.

Puracy Organic Lotion

Puracy’s take on organic hand and body lotion is perfect for anyone who suffers with dry skin but doesn’t want that heavy oily feeling.

Puracy offers a lightweight solution that lasts all day, even after washing, and is still packed with moisturizers such as shea butter. There's also vitamin B5 and vitamin E that will make the feel and appearance of skin softer.

There's no added fragrance, which can be troublesome for some people with sensitive skin, and scent is very light. Some have compared it to aloe vera.

Naked Bee Moisturizing Lotion

What sets The Naked Bee apart from other organic body lotions is their use of honey as a key ingredient.

The honey is both antibacterial and moisturizing as well as providing nutrients to our delicate skin.

In addition, they also have several other ingredients that help tackle more problems areas. These include aloe vera to help heal and promote healthy skin, white tea extract to protect skin from stress, and spirulina which helps in detoxifying and also provides concentrated nutrients.

There's nothing in this organic body cream that shouldn’t be in there such as alcohol, which actually dries the skin, dyes, or parabens.

100% Pure- Coconut Body Cream

100% Pure is a brand that's staying true to their name! The ingredients in this organic body lotion are completely natural, and include cocoa and avocado butter. We know these to be excellent natural products for moisturizing, as well as the coconut of course!

This one is for lovers of coconut as, despite all the other ingredients, the scent is definitely tropical! The fruit oils in it such as blood orange extract, blackcurrant, acai berry and wild cherry (to name just a few!) are used to create noticeably softer skin.

It’s a bit thicker than other lotions on the market, but don’t let that put you off. 100% Pure’s body cream does not leave an oily residue. This product is great for anyone who has super sensitive skin as it has absolutely no added harsh ingredients that sometimes tend to cause irritation!

Sky Organics Shea Butter

Many products on the market contain some shea butter for its moisturizing properties, but nothing will beat pure shea butter by itself! Shea butter is not just great for moisturizing though.

This pure, ethically-sourced organic body lotion tackles other skin issues and acts as an anti-inflammatory, so it heals and soothes skin and also slows down the aging process in skin. It's safe to use on burns as well, especially since it has no fragrance.

This means it's also a great choice if you're suffering from other skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It's also packed with vitamins to help restore your skin’s natural glow and can be used to nourish hair as well. This is an amazing all-natural 100% product!


If you're suffering from common skin ailments, reach for that organic body lotion first. You may find your skin getting healthier without the need of unnecessary harsh chemicals that can often do more bad than good and often offer only a temporary solution.

The lotions listed here are also all cruelty-free and have been tried and tested by many who can attest to their benefits for skin improvement.

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