The Ultimate Guide To Organic Vitamins And Supplements

Taking organic supplements and vitamins is a great way to stay healthy.

But how do you know which supplements you really need?

Come to that, what are the real benefits of sticking to organic and natural products?

Firstly, it’s important to understand the terms vitamins, supplements and organic. Vitamins are essential for normal growth and bodily functions.

A sufficient amount can usually be obtained from the food you eat as part of your everyday diet. Supplements provide you with nutrients if for some reason you're not getting enough from your daily diet.

Diet isn't the only factor that can cause someone to require supplements. People who live in far northern or southern countries may need to take vitamin D (known as "the sun vitamin") supplements throughout the winter as they're unlikely to gain enough from natural sunlight.

Worldwide, over a billion people are either vitamin D deficient or insufficient. 

In the case of vitamins and supplements, organic means that they're derived from real foods and not made by somebody in a laboratory. It also means that the foods were not grown with the use of any harmful pesticides.

This guide will delve further into organic vitamins and organic supplements - how they're useful and which are the best ones to buy.

​Top 10 Organic Vitamins And Supplements



Supplement Type




NatureWise Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3

Soft-gel capsules


MaryRuth Organics Liquid Multivitamin




Garden of Life Green Superfood

Green Superfood



Organic India Turmeric Formula




NatureWise Probiotics




Pure Encapsulations Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3



MaryRuth Organics Liquid Nighttime Multimineral




Nature’s Way Ginger Root




Smarty Pant Kids Multivitamin




Garden of Life Primal Defense Probiotic




Types Of Organic Supplement

As mentioned above, supplements are simply extra things we can take to ensure our bodies are growing and working properly.

People take supplements to help with a variety of health and beauty issues. These include  heart health, blood pressure, shiny hair, strong nails, strong bones, a strong immune system, and improved digestion.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of supplements:


Whilst most vitamins can be obtained in sufficient quantities from your diet, there are occasions when a vitamin supplement is required. Vitamins are needed to help with growth and development.

Quite often, people will choose to take a daily multivitamin. A multivitamin contains a range of different vitamins and is aimed at maintaining general health.

They're useful if for some reason you're unable to eat a balanced diet or travelling abroad where a variety of foods may not be accessible.

They might just be used for an added health boost, particularly in the winter months.

There's a large range of multivitamins on the market. It's important to find one that derives the vitamins naturally and isn't synthetic. 


Like vitamins, minerals are essential for our body’s growth and development. For example, calcium helps to build strong and healthy bones.

A calcium supplement may be needed for those who're allergic to or choose not to eat dairy, which is one source of calcium. It's also good for those who struggle to get enough calcium-rich vegetables into their diets. 

Another example is iron, which many types of meat are very high in. Although vegetarians and vegans can obtain iron from other sources, including nuts and vegetables, some may require an iron supplement. 

A multivitamin often contains both these minerals and more, a reason why some choose to take them. 

Herbals and Botanicals

Herbal supplements (sometimes called botanicals) are derived from plants.

Whilst this clearly makes them natural, they aren't necessarily always organic. Some can occasionally have a drug-like effect if taken in large quantities. Some have the potential to cause allergic reactions.

Common herbal supplements include echinacea to help prevent colds and ginkgo to improve memory.

Even though plant-based materials have been used in medicine for years, herbal supplements aren't as strictly regulated as vitamins and minerals.

It's best to seek professional advice before starting a course of herbal supplements.

Amino Acids

Amino acids make up protein. When you eat protein-rich food your body breaks it down into amino acids as they're easier to digest.

That's why an amino acid supplement is far more beneficial than a protein one as they're more easily absorbed by the body.

Protein also helps build muscle and is beneficial in weight loss, making amino acid supplements useful for athletes.


Probiotics are bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, particularly your digestive system.

Whilst they're found naturally in your body, supplements can help with health problems.

These include irritable bowel syndrome and disease, infectious diarrhoea and other digestive problems.

They work by helping your ‘good’ bacteria stay in a healthy balance with your ‘bad’ bacteria. Probiotics are commonly found in dairy foods, as well as in other fermented foods.

Supplements may be necessary for those who can't eat dairy products.

The Best Organic Supplement Brands

With an abundance of supplements on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which is best for you.

Below are popular and highly-rated brands that produce organic supplements that are sure to help you look and feel your best.

Organic India

Organic India are devoted to natural ingredients and Mother Nature. They specialize in herbal supplements that can be taken in tablet form or drunk as a tea.

Organic India work closely with farming families in India on thousands of acres of sustainable farmland.

When buying Organic India products, you're not just looking after your own health, but helping to support Indian farmers and their families.

They're a brand with a true focus on nature with a passion for creating high quality, effective, pure, and natural supplements.


NatureWise are another company committed to helping you lead a long and healthy life. They do this by creating supplements and drinks (including tea) from pure and natural ingredients.

NatureWise use whole food vitamins that maintain their nutrients and integrity. Where possible, they source their ingredients from certified organic and sustainable sources.

Potency and purity are tested by a third party to ensure you, the consumer, is getting the highest quality possible.

They truly are a brand that uses the benefits of Mother Nature.

Pure Encapsulations

With the company motto that ‘nothing but pure’, Pure Encapsulations is a brand that prides themselves on using pure and natural ingredients.

They have a wide range of products to help with just about any health issue. If you're after a product for a specific reason, Pure Encapsulations is the brand for you.

Their products are thoroughly researched and go through extensive testing, meaning high-quality. Allergy sufferers don't need to worry, as Pure Encapsulations create allergen-free supplements.

MaryRuth Organics

organic vitamin supplements

Sometimes swallowing and ingesting tablets and capsules can be difficult. If this is a problem for you, MaryRuth Organics offer a range of liquid vitamins and minerals.

They've even created a unique nighttime formula to help you get a restful sleep and so improve your overall health.

Products from MaryRuth Organics are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. They are entirely plant-based.

They also have an abundance of organic health and beauty products to keep you looking good on the outside too!

Garden Of Life

An extensive line of products are available from Garden of Life, including organic vitamins to specifically cater for men, women, pregnant women, vegans and athletes.

They even offer a spray-on vitamin which is useful for those who don't like to swallow tablets.

Products from Garden of Life are Kosher Certified, making them available to a wider range of the population.

Garden of Life have a community and a sustainable focus. When you buy their products you're supporting family farms and the environment.

Top 10 Organic Vitamins And Supplements

NatureWise Vitamin D3

NatureWise Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is essential for muscle function, healthy bones and teeth and immune support.

The vitamin D from NatureWise delivers the same biologically active form that's produced by the body as a result of sun exposure.

A large amount of the population is vitamin D deficient, making supplements a necessity for many.

6% of the population, recent figures suggest, are severely deficient in this vitamin. 

One bottle contains enough easy-to-swallow softgels to last for an entire year, making them outstanding value.

MaryRuth Organics Liquid Multivitamin

MaryRuth Organics Liquid Multivitamin

Designed for both men and women, this liquid vitamin is easy to take, even on an empty stomach.

Loaded with vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, D, and E, biotin and folate, it's one of the best organic multivitamins.

It'll help boost your immune system, leave your hair and nails looking strong and healthy. You'll have more energy and feel revitalized in no time.

MaryRuth Liquid Vitamin is gluten, nut, soy and wheat-free, making it very suitable for those who suffer allergies.

The liquid nature allows for maximum absorption. The range of flavors ensures you can take in all the vitamins necessary without an unpleasant taste.

MaryRuth Organics Liquid Multivitamin is slightly more expensive than other products on the market, but the handmade nature of the product means you're buying quality.

Garden Of Life Green Superfood

Garden of Life Green Superfood

This superfood supplement provides antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, and more!

It helps support digestive health, boost your immune system and give you an abundance of energy.

Garden of Life Green Superfood is vegan, dairy, soy and gluten-free, as well as being certified organic. It'll last you around one month.

To get the full benefits you simply add one scoop to your favorite juice. The taste may be less than desirable, but it's worth experimenting with a variety of juices, smoothies and soups until you find the best way to mask the flavour.

Organic India Turmeric Formula

Organic India Turmeric Formula

Turmeric is a herbal supplement that has been used in many cultures for centuries.

It has a large variety of health benefits and by taking Organic India Turmeric Formula you'll improve your bone and joint health.

It's high in anti-oxidants which will help with heart and digestive health, your immune system and skin suppleness.

Turmeric can be used in cooking, but taking it in a supplement form is much easier.

The turmeric used by Organic India is grown on sustainable farmland.

It's also suitable for vegans and is gluten and dairy-free, as well as being Kosher and Halal Certified.

Two capsules a day is all it takes to feel your health and energy restored!

NatureWise Probiotics

NatureWise Probiotics

With 15 times more live cultures than standard probiotics, NatureWise Probiotics are a sure way to get your digestive health back on track!

Time-release technology allows for the continual deliverance of live, active cultures through your small and large intestines, where you need them the most.

One bottle contains 40 capsules. It's a little unclear on how long the bottle will last as the dosage instructions are quite vague.

You can safely take up to 2-3 capsules per day. This will vary from person to person, some may only need half.

However, the shelf-life of NatureWise Probiotics is quite lengthy and is extended if you store them in the fridge.

By taking a NatureWise Probiotic every day, you'll be doing your digestive system and overall health a great favor.

Pure Encapsulations Vitamin D3

Pure Encapsulations Vitamin D3

· Excellent for cardiovascular health, healthy bones, improved immune system.

· Easy to ingest and swallow.

· Comes in a variety of different sizes to cater for different needs.

· Free from wheat, gluten, eggs and nuts

MaryRuth Organics Liquid Nighttime Multimineral

MaryRuth Organics Liquid Nighttime Multimineral

· Designed specifically for nighttime and will help with relaxation to promote a high quality sleep.

· Full of a range of minerals that may be difficult to obtain from diet alone.

· Slightly more expensive than other products on the market.

· Suitable for vegetarian and vegans, and those who are allergic to gluten, soy, dairy and nuts.

Nature’s Way Ginger Root

Nature’s Way Ginger Root

· Easy on stomachs and helps with digestion and nausea.

· Improves circulation.

· Can be purchased in a range of sizes to suit individual needs.

· Very cost-effective.

· A great herbal supplement that can also be used as a natural pain reliever.

Smarty Pant Kids Multivitamin

Smarty Pant Kids Multivitamin

· Designed specifically for child safety.

· Gummy texture and design make it enticing for children.

· Full of a large variety of essential vitamins and minerals.

· Available for repeat delivery so you never run out.

Garden of Life Primal Defense Probiotic

Garden of Life Primal Defense Probiotic

· Improves digestion and colon health.

· Suitable for vegetarians and those allergic to gluten.

· Doesn't need refrigeration.

· Supports the normal absorption of nutrients.

Buying Guide for Organic Vitamins And Supplements

In order to find the best organic supplements it's important to keep an eye out for a few important considerations.


Always read the ingredients list (it's usually found on the packaging). Check that it contains the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes or probiotics that you need.

It's also important to check what it doesn't contain. For example, if you suffer from a dairy allergy you must make sure the product is dairy-free.


It's easy to be misled and buy an inferior product from an unknown brand. Look out for reputable brands and always do your research before buying something new.

Certification And Approval

Look for FDA-approved products and those that are Certified Organic. Where possible look for bottles and packages that are recyclable. If it's relevant to you, keep your eyes open for Kosher and Halal Certified products.

Type Of Supplement

Supplements can come in many forms – tablets, sprays, powders and liquids. It may take some experimenting, but if you find what works for you, you're more likely to take the supplement regularly.

In Conclusion

The world of organic supplements and vitamins can be overwhelming. Hopefully, this guide will help you to navigate the extensive range and cater for your individual needs.

By adding organic vitamins to your daily routine you'll feel a huge number of health benefits, both inside and out.

All you need to do now is find your favorites and live life with a spring in your step!

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