Support For Women: Guide To The Posture Corrector Bra

posture corrector bra

Are you guilty of being a sloucher? Do you sit low your chair at work, or are you constantly on your cell phone? These habits over time will leave us with a bad posture!

A bad posture can give the look of a hunched back, create shoulder tension and also comes with aches and pains as we get older. It doesn’t have to stay like that though thanks to posture correctors! Because men and women have different needs, it’s important to get one suitable to give the best type of support.

A posture corrector bra is an ideal choice for any woman needing a readjustment, and as there are plenty to choose from, you want to know what works, is comfortable and easy, and what’s just a big waste of time and money!

We’ve chosen the best posture corrector for women to help.


Our postures are suffering more and more, and that’s mainly due to technology! We look down to use our cell phone or tablet sometimes several times a day. While at the time it may not seem like it’s causing any harm, over time it has an effect on our posture. Shoulders get tight, neck gets slightly bent, and we’re left with a hunchback! Not only that, but it brings tension and pain in the neck and shoulders. It can be corrected with the help of a posture corrector bra.

Product Information

Leonisa Posture Corrector Wireless Back Support Bra

The Leonisa Posture Corrector Wireless Back Support Bra will provide posture support for women along with ultimate comfort. The wireless bra has softly-lined DuraFit contour cups with a natural bust shape, which is great for chest support.

It’s full coverage and hooks in the front making it easy to put on and get off and has adjustable straps. The back has criss-cross reinforcement bands that aid in posture correcting.

They support the shoulders while maintaining good posture. If you were to slump forward you would feel the pull of the material, reminding you to sit back up!

The material is 90% polyamide, 10% elastane and is hand wash only. It provides firm support, which is needed to help in correcting the posture, and also the full coverage means no bulges anywhere!

It provides an excellent fit that is true to size.

The sizes range from 32B to 42D, with DD cups available for strap size 34-40.

Pros & Cons

It can be worn not only for everyday use but also for exercise and even after breast surgery since it provides amazing support. This bra was made for the woman on the go, however, it has been pointed out that after the first day or so, muscles may ache. This is because the muscles are working to fix your posture.

It comes in a variety of colors including a neutral selection as well as fun, bright patterns that are great for exercising in. There is also a wide range of sizes, but it doesn’t come any bigger than a 42D. Another detail of this bra that women will love…no wires!

The bra has thick straps, which may not be preferable for some women, however the thick straps help with the posture support and tend not to dig into the shoulders.

The fit is meant to be firm, and some women may not prefer that, but again it’s firm so it provides the proper support.

Firm does not mean stuck in place. though. This bra offers manoeuvrability, which also makes it a great choice for helping with posture while exercising.

A standard posture brace for women may just be straps that go over the shoulders and under the armpits, but that can be bulky and uncomfortable when also wearing a bra. This posture corrector bra helps with support for both the bust and the shoulders at the same time.


The Leonisa Posture Corrector Bra provides the best support for the everyday woman. It’s practical and comfortable, provides a perfect fit, and keeps a smooth finish with no bulges. Most importantly, it helps in correcting posture that may have spent years suffering thanks to a desk job or dreaded “text neck.” There’s no reason to wear a brace and a bra. Opt for comfort while correcting your posture with this highly recommended Leonisa posture corrector bra!

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