Kill Constipation! Find The Best Probiotic For Constipation

Constipation is a common condition that affects approximately 15% of the population.

It can be caused by a number of factors and can last from a few days to weeks. One thing's for sure, the right probiotics for constipation will ease your symptoms and help prevent them from coming back.

While laxatives are often recommended for the quick relief of constipation, they provide short-term relief and do not treat the underlying cause of the problem.

Probiotics play an important role in preventing as well as treating constipation. The human gut is home to billions of friendly bacteria, essential for good digestion and a healthy bowel action.

As well as restoring the balance of healthy bacteria, probiotics can also work as a barrier. They can stop harmful bacteria from multiplying.

Medication, diet, stress, illness and a number of other factors can cause an imbalance in these bacteria, leading to digestive problems as well as constipation.

Not all probiotics are the same. It's true that all probiotics are good for the health of your digestion. However, only those containing certain strains have been proven to treat constipation.

The probiotics listed below are all effective in the treatment and prevention of constipation. They are safe to take with any other medication and for pregnant and breastfeeding women, although you should always consult your doctor if you're unsure. 

These are the top rated probiotics for constipation. All of them have undergone clinical trials and are all highly-rated by consumers.

5 Top Rated Probiotics​

NutriFlair Probiotics Supplement


Each of these capsules contains over 50 Billion CFUs including 10 Probiotic Strains.

There are 30 veggie capsules, which is a one month supply.

The capsules contain 10 targeted strains of probiotic that help the digestive system and improve regularity. 

Each capsule contains over 50 billion CFUs (colony forming units) and they reduce harmful pathogens that can cause diarrhoea. 

The product was formulated by doctors and is made in the USA.

NutriFlair Probiotics Supplement is FDA-registered and adheres to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This product is also certified by NSF.

Digestive Advantage Probiotics

Digestive Advantage Probiotics

This probiotic is specifically formulated to treat and relieve constipation. Digestive Advantage Probiotics survive up to 10 x longer than most other probiotics for maximum effect.

Digestive Advantage Probiotics will improve the health of your digestive system in the long term. They'll make you more regular and help with constipation.

They are suitable for both men and woman and this packet contains a one month supply.

Enzymatic Therapy Probiotic Pearls Acidophilus

Enzymatic Therapy Probiotic Pearls Acidophilus

Acidophilus Pearls will improve digestion, relieve constipation and improve overall health. 

This particular product is specifically designed to alleviate constipation, bloating and gas.

The unique triple-layer soft gel coating makes sure that the active ingredients get to the intestines without being affected by stomach acid, air, or moisture. 

Vegans beware, as these capsules could contain low levels of residual milk protein.

This is a 1 month supply.

Advanced Probiotic Extra Strength Supplement

Advanced Probiotic Extra Strength Supplement

Healthlabs designed this project to restore the good bacteria in your intestines to help with constipation, gas, nausea and irritable bowel syndrome as well as boosting the immune system.

The Advanced Probiotic Extra Strength Supplement contains an advanced probiotic formula with 11.5 billion healthy organisms. There are four different high-strength strains of lactobacillus and three different strains of bifidobacteria.

This formula improves the body’s immune system by helping a number of healthy bacteria.

The advanced formula has been known to improve conditions such as constipation, acid reflux, colitis, indigestion, leaky gut syndrome, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, gas, diarrhoea, and many others.

There are 60 tablets in this bottle, a one month supply.

The company offers a 365 day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Nutrition Essentials

Nutrition Essentials

Nutrition Essentials' probiotic contains a very high number of CFUs for improved digestive wellbeing, bowel regularity, and the immune system.

This product relieves constipation, promotes good colon bacteria and improves cholesterol and blood pressure. 

Regular use has been shown to improve the absorption of calcium, improving bone density. It boosts vitamin production in the body and helps with gas, bloating, constipation and allergies.

This 60 day supply comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

The product is made in the USA, is FDA certified and follows GMP.

There's no need to suffer in silence when there are natural, healthy products available to provide you with relief.

Not only will they help with constipation but also improve your immune system and provide a host of other benefits.

All of the products are highly rated probiotics and are safe and suitable for men, woman, and children.

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