Naturally Soft And Strong: Refined Coconut Oil For Hair

Have you ever stared enviously at the stars showing off their gorgeous locks on the red carpet?

I know I have. Their hair looks so perfect and flawless. You sit back and say, how come my hair can’t look like that? Well, it can! Read on, I'm going to share the secret with you.

Did you know that Emma Stone and Miranda Kerr, amongst others, are huge coconut oil fans? I knew I liked them... I doubt they're quite as obsessed with it as I am, but still! 

Turns out, the secret is using refined coconut oil for your hair. Simple as that! Let mother nature bring out your hair's natural gorgeousness.

The best coconut oil brand for hair that I've found (and trust me, I've tried a few) is Nutiva Refined Organic Coconut Oil. This powerful oil is full of all the minerals and vitamins your hair needs to take it to that next level of gorgeousness.

Why Choose Refined Coconut Oil For Your Hair?

Refined coconut oil is just what it says on the tin. Refined means that dried coconut meat, known as copra, goes through a high-heat steaming process, being bleached and deodorized.

The good news is that refined coconut oil still has the same great nutritional profile of virgin coconut oil. The only big difference between the two when it comes hair is the smell.

Both refined and virgin coconut oil have the same fatty acid composition. You can safely ignore the claims that virgin coconut oil is better, because it's just not the case. It’s very easy to use and can work in a variety of different ways depending on your hair's needs.

Most people apply it to their hair before bed, wrap it up in a towel and let it works its magic overnight. In the morning, you simply wash it out and the result is silky soft natural hair!

You can apply a little for shine after you've styled your hair or you can use it as a conditioner right after you've shampooed in the shower. Just be careful you don't go overboard, as you don't want your hair to look greasy. 

Choosing refined coconut oil for your hair truly will heal each strand from the inside out. It's all natural, so it's by far the safest, single cure for all your hair troubles.

What Refined Coconut Oil Should I Choose?

Nutiva Refined Coconut Oil

When choosing your refined coconut oil, you want to pick one that has been processed with the least number of chemicals and one that's not partially hydrogenated. Refined coconut oil will have no aroma, so you won't have to go around with that tell-tale coconuty smell. 

You want to make sure when you’re hunting for your coconut oil that it’s certified organic. It should also be non-GMO, steam-refined and doesn't use any harsh chemicals.

My favourite brand is the Nutiva Refined Organic Coconut Oil. It ticks all my boxes and then some. I love the fact that Nutiva makes their oil in BMO-free glass jars if you prefer.

This product is by far the best coconut oil for natural hair that just radiates health and vitality.

Nutiva truly is a revolutionary brand that's slowly changing how the world sees food and what we put onto our bodies.

More Great Things About Nutvia Refined Organic Coconut Oil

Another factor that's so important to mention is how vital it is to only use natural products on your hair.

Hair care products today are full of toxic chemicals. They get absorbed straight into our bloodstream as soon as we apply them.

Many people don’t think of this when they go to shampoo their hair. What you’re applying directly to your scalp is essentially getting absorbed into your skin and seeping into your blood stream. Nutiva prides themselves on using absolutely no chemicals when producing their luscious coconut oil. The coconuts are processed right after harvesting, as the fresher the better!

Nutiva is a fast growing company and really are top of the line for all natural organic products, especially refined coconut oil.

They also have several great programs for giving back to the community. Why would you purchase your coconut oil from anyone else?

I truly believe with all my heart and soul that Nutiva Refined Coconut Oil for your hair is the best possible brand you can purchase.

Don’t wait any longer. Start using this precious oil on those locks today and you'll soon see results. Get that stunning hair you've always dreamed of and thought was only for the rich and famous!

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