Sauna Heaters For Sale: A Buying Guide To Sauna Heaters

sauna heaters for sale

So you know you need a sauna heater, and you also know it is going be a little costly, then before making this investment, it’s best to know what the top reliable products available are.

With some careful consideration, you can definitely find one of the best sauna heaters for sale.

There is quite a variety of heater types and each brings their own unique benefits, though don’t get overwhelmed, we are here to brief you on the best sauna heaters for sale and help you narrow down your search in your quest to get the best sauna heater.

TURKU TUM20A – Compact Mini Type Wet & Dry Electric Sauna

TURKU TUM20A – Compact Mini Type Wet & Dry Electric Sauna

This heater is perfect for traditional style saunas and can be used as a dry type or even wet by sprinkling water onto the heat rocks.

It comes in a compact style which is specifically designed to fit in small spaces, measuring 19-13.5-7 inches in diameter and also comes with a simple built-in knob allowing for easy control.

This is a great choice of sauna heater for anyone who is concerned they do not have enough space to hold their sauna heater and controls.

Finlandia FLB-60 Sauna Heater

Finlandia FLB-60 Sauna Heater

There are some great aspects to this heater, with a 1 hour heating time and with 1-8 hour pre-set timer feature which means this heater will heat relatively quickly and you can conveniently select a time to start the heating process in advance.

One point to mention would be that the controls for this product are placed at the bottom of the sauna and are simple to use, however, if you would prefer an outside controller then it can be easily purchased to go with this product.

A great sauna heater that works quickly and efficiently.

Nature B-NTSB90 9.0KW Sauna Heater Stove

Nature B-NTSB90 9.0KW Sauna Heater Stove

This electrical sauna heater comes with a handy external box to house all the large components and wiring, which ensures no water or moisture can enter and, in turn, gives this product more durability.

Also contributing to the longevity of this product is the design of high-grade coated heating elements meaning they are strongly anti-corrosive and will last longer than many rival products out there.

This sauna heater also comes with wall mounts for easy installation that can be placed almost anywhere, making this a great contender for the best sauna heater.

Hanko Premium Catalina-M3 Wood Burning Sauna Heater

Hanko Premium Catalina-M3 Wood Burning Sauna Heater

If you’re looking for a classic wood burning sauna heater then the Hanko Premium Catalina is a great option.

This low cost and efficient heater have been cleverly designed to allow you to feed wood into the burner from inside the sauna and on top holds a stone capacity of up to 100 lbs.

This product has been finished in graphite black and it has a stainless steel front panel giving it a sleek attractive appearance. Included with this heater is 2 x 20g sauna stones and 2-year manufacturers guarantee which are great in comparison to most sauna heaters for sale.

Saunacore 10.5 kW SE Special Edition Sauna Heater

Saunacore 10.5 kW SE Special Edition Sauna Heater

This special edition sauna heater comes with a digital controller and functions for wet & dry saunas, making this a versatile product.

This sauna has a heat deflector surrounding the rock tray to ensure heat is pumped directly into the sauna, minimizing heat loss.

The Saunacore also heats up quickly thanks to its clever design, the cold air that lingers on the floor of the sauna is sucked up from the underneath of the heater and passed through the rock compartment.

This is one of the most efficient sauna heaters for sale.


Hopefully, now you have taken in the top 5 sauna heaters for sale, you’re closer to making your choice based on your personal preferences and tastes.

So, whether it’s a traditional classic style sauna heater or a new electric heater, as long as you pay attention to customer reviews, feedback and the key features each product holds, you're sure to find the best sauna heater for you and you can go onto spending your evenings relaxing.

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