Smell Your Best: The Best Smelling Soap For Guys

best smelling soap for guys

Now, guys don’t have all the bells and whistles like women when readying themselves for the day, so it's all the more important to get a great smelling soap.

Your scent is possibly one of the first things people will notice especially when greeting them so finding a soap with the pleasant scent is a great idea.

When searching for the perfect scented soap you’ve probably been met with the age old problem of which one to chose?

With such a wide variety available, deciding isn't so simple. Here, we aim to avoid over-complicating matters and will explain what makes a great product and which soap we have selected as the best smelling soap for guys on the market.

What Makes A Great Smelling Soap For Guys?

It's rather simple when broken down, you want to look for something that specializes in men's products, this will ensure you don’t end up with any floral or perfumed scents in your soap and your product will have been designed with men in mind.

Did you know more and more studies provide evidence that men sweat more than women and do so at a different rate? Therefore it's important to find a soap that is targeted to men and tackles these problems.

The next thing you want to look out for is moisturizing properties within your soap, many generic soaps out there have drying agents in them leaving your skin dehydrated and something cracked or irritated.

Making sure your chosen product has these features is a great place to begin and then the rest is really down to your personal preferences, like the smell, packaging and perhaps the brand as a whole.

Dr Squatch Cedar Citrus Scented Natural Bar Soap

Dr Squatch Cedar Citrus Scented Natural Bar Soap

To begin with, Dr Squatch has designed this soap with a strong, long lasting, manly smell of Cedar Citrus and avoided going anywhere near floral scents as this soap is targeted to men and is a full body soap bar.

Dr Squatch make their soaps using the cold pressing method, this means no harsh chemicals or preservatives have been used avoiding any irritations.

This handmade soap is made with a combination of coconut, olive oils and glycerin leaving your skin hydrated all day and no need for any after shower moisturizers, making this a very convenient product.

Also, by retaining the glycerin within the soap, which is unlike many other products, Dr Squatch are able to maintain the soaps natural ingredients and not insert any harsh properties.

The pleasant scent of citrus with the strong smell of a cedar forest are further reasons this soap is the best smelling soap for guys on the market with good customer ratings and great feedback.

Also available by Dr Squatch are other manly scents, so have a browse and choose your favorite.

Pros & Cons

It's quite clear that Dr Squatch Cedar Citrus Scented Natural Bar Soap has all the important features you will want to look out for when selecting the best smelling bar soap for guys. With all the key aspects discussed, here is a quick overview of all the pros and cons to take into consideration.

A great manly scent designed solely for men is probably one of the top selling points for this product, with unique scent combinations there are no others like it on the market. Made with natural ingredients means you can trust that this soap holds no secret ingredients that will irritate your skin.

With the addition of ingredients such as coconut and olive oils, your skin can really benefit from these moisturizing properties. Also, the affordable price and attractive packaging make this soap all the more appealing.

As always, finding any negatives to a product isn't always easy, after all, we select the best product on the market based on ratings, feedback and performance and so more often than not we chose a product with as few negatives as possible.

In saying that, the only con to mention has been the size of the bar, some people have commented on the fact the bar is rather thin and not as large as they perhaps thought but none the less this doesn't affect the actual results of using this soap.

With Dr Squatch you pay for what you get and the size alone isn't enough to deter us from this great soap for guys.


With hope, you now know what it is you need to look out for when selecting a great soap for men. When choosing a product, remember to consider the key aspects, and the rest is down to your likes and dislikes in regards to scents, appearance etc.

The product we have chosen as the best smelling soap for guys has been carefully selected, with ingredients, performance, ratings and reviews all considered so you can make a great first and last impression with your strong manly smell!

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