Choosing A Stand Up Tanning Bed : Complete Guide

stand up tanning bed

When you’re wanting a golden look to your skin, sometimes it can be hard work finding the time to get to the nearest tanning salon. You can only go when they’re open, which doesn’t always work out for our schedules.

More people are turning to having their own tanning beds at home and what better than a stand-up tanning bed?

Stand-up tanning beds are often more convenient than their counterpart. But with many different models on the market, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a quality bed for your investment, which is why we have the complete guide to one of the best stand-up tanning beds available.


With a stand-up tanning bed, you are often left with a more even tan. They often have stronger bulbs than beds you lie down in, which also means less time to wait for the ultimate tan.

A good stand-up tanning bed will be curved, allowing more coverage for an even tan. They are also ideal for small spaces since they are vertical and not horizontal and can usually fit in every home.

Stand-up tanning beds, like the horizontal ones, will need bulb replacements every once in a while. You will want to make sure that replacements are easy to get and to fit.

SunDream ProSun Stand Up Tanner​

SunDream ProSun Stand Up Tanner

The SunDream ProSun Stand Up Tanner is a great stand-up tanning bed for your home.

With Wolff bronzing tan lamps and curved canopy, you’ll have that even, sun-kissed look before you know it, and all without having to leave home!

There are 12 Wolff bronzing lamps at 100W measuring 71” long. The timer ensures that the machine is shut off after 30 minutes.

The whole tanning bed measures 78” long by 30” wide, perfect for small spaces! It weighs 81 lbs. but comes with a swivel frame with rolling coasters.

You can easily store it away somewhere else until you’re ready to use it. The swivel frame means you can target specific areas on your body as well.

It’s a really simple design that doesn’t come with too many functions to have to worry about. Just plug in the stand-up tanning bed, apply your lotion, put on your goggles and go.

Pros & Cons

A great thing about this stand-up tanner is the fact that it’s only 78” x 30” and is on roller wheels. It’s extremely compact, but you’ll still get great quality with this model. It also comes with goggles.

With the SunDream ProSun Stand Up Tanner, all you need is to plug into any household plug unit and go. It’s really simple to use with no extra gadgets to worry about.

As with any tanning bed, the bulbs will need to be replaced at some point. These can be a bit pricey. The Wolff bulbs are around $39 each.

The bulbs are not the same strength you would get from another bed at a tanning salon, but you can still achieve a good tan that isn’t too dark or use this as a top up between tanning salon sessions, still saving you money. If you wanted something darker, then this bed wouldn’t be ideal.

An at home tanning bed means you will save time and money from going to the tanning salon. Reviews have suggested this model can go for years with proper maintenance, making sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Tanning beds can be risky as a whole. While a little bit of light is always good for us, there are health warnings associated with tanning beds. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly as they are stated. Never tan for longer than you have to.


When it comes to the best stand-up tanning beds, the SunDream ProSun is ideal for the home. The bulbs are the perfect strength for at home tanning.

It provides an eventual, even tan, perfect for those new to tanning wanting to build a golden hue slowly to see what they like, or it can be great for top up tans for everyone between salon visits. It’s also a good choice because it’s easy to move around and store away.

Consider the SunDream ProSun for a stand up at home tanning bed.

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