Stethoscope For The Hearing Impaired: Reviews Guide

stethoscope for hearing impaired

Being hearing-impaired needn’t make finding a stethoscope any harder than it can already be – there are now plenty of products on the market specifically designed and engineered for individuals with hearing difficulties.

By some strange coincidence, I just so happen to have found the best one out there…

ADC Cardiology Stethoscope​

ADC Cardiology Stethoscope

ADC have created the perfect stethoscope for hearing-impaired individuals, with plenty of great features to make it stand out amongst its competitors, including the famous Littmann products.

I’ve chosen this product for a number of reasons, but have also provided some general advice to bear in mind when it comes to buying this type of product.

In general, there are a few main criteria to consider when buying a stethoscope designed for the hearing-impaired. Of course, each individual is different and will want different things from their product. Overall, however, either an amplified stethoscope or very high quality, dual-channel model is your best bet.

Why The ADC?

Amplified stethoscopes are electronic stethoscopes which amplify sounds and noises of the body. Body sounds all come in different frequencies, and this type of stethoscope allows you to listen in two separate modes – this dual channel design is one to look out for.

These two modes are designed to help you hear both low frequency and high frequency sounds at the best quality level possible.

Many stethoscopes come with a tubing or coating around the frame to make it more comfortable to wear but it’s not always necessary, depending on heavy the frame is. Consider that you’ll most likely be wearing your scope around for long periods of time. Choose a lightweight material if possible, as your neck does get tired! The ear buds should be coated, normally in silicone, to make sure you are comfortable while you work, and should ‘seal’ well to your ear. There’s nothing worse than getting earache halfway through a long day…

ADC have produced a nifty little stethoscope for hearing-impaired professionals at a very reasonable price. This product costs just under $90 – not bad for a piece of medical kit which is both very well designed and specifically tailored to individual needs such as hearing impairment.

This stethoscope offers a supreme quality of both low and high frequencies noises, allowing those with hearing impairments to hear as clearly as possible. This is also very comfortable to wear - the ear buds are coated in silicone for ultimate comfort and ease while working.

The frame is made of stainless steel and is sturdy enough to stand the wears and tears of daily use. The dual-channel design means that sounds are better isolated and easier to process – known as stereo separation.

There is no outside interference, either, which is always a bonus.

Choose From A Variety Of Colors/Finishes

I would normally recommend something plain that won’t wear away or rub off on anything if you happen to get chemicals on it, as many paint-finished scopes can do. Paying a little bit more money can really go a long way in terms of quality, especially when it comes to medical kit.

For me, this is a great little product. It’s a fantastic stethoscope in its own right and can be used by any medical profession looking for a high-quality product.

The fact that it is such a brilliant option for those who are hearing-impaired only adds to its plus points. I love that this allows you to listen to both high and low frequency sounds in total clarity without any sound distortion or interference.

ADC Cardiology Stethoscope

They’ve thought about all the little details to provide you with a stethoscope that ticks every box. The ear buds are very comfy to wear and offer the ultimate comfort while you work.

They seal nicely into your ear and block out any outside noises, allowing you to fully concentrate on the task in hand.

Of course, as with every person who tries every product, there are a few things I would change if I could.

The stainless steel frame is strong and is not overly heavy to wear, but is not the comfiest one out there. That aside, this stethoscope really is a great product to consider.

The price may seem a little steep, but is actually very reasonable when you consider the quality of the product you’re receiving.


All in all, if you’re after a stethoscope for a hearing impaired individual or for yourself, look no further. For the price you’re paying, you’re getting a great quality product that really works. It’s comfortable to wear and offers superior noise quality – what more could you want?

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