Stop Hair Loss Today! Use Tea For Hair Growth

Hair loss. It can happen to anyone, male or female, at any age. 

Roughly 50% of women will experience hair loss during their lives, and 40% of men will have it by age 35, the percentage increasing with age. 

It can cause embarrassment, decreased confidence and mean that you have to wear a hat or scarf every time you leave the house.

Of course, there are many causes of hair loss. There are also a variety of medical treatments available to help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

However, they can be costly and require extensive trips to treatment centers.

On the other hand, drinking tea is an effective remedy that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

However, when it comes to tea for hair growth, any old tea won't do. You need to be sipping on the right blend of teas to reap the maximum benefits.

Don't worry if it sounds like a daunting task. This article gives you the complete run down on how to choose the best tea to promote long and luscious locks.

With any luck, they'll leave you with a mane that any Disney princess would be proud of!

There are many different types of tea that help stimulate hair growth.

Whether you choose to drink a tea with a single ingredient or a combination of effective ingredients is up to you.

Keep the following ingredients in mind when choosing a tea for hair loss:


Bamboo contains natural silica. Silica is great for hair and nail growth.

It’s also a very sustainable plant which makes it good for the environment as well.


Chamomile tea is best when applied directly to your hair, like a hair mask.

For this reason, it may not be the best tea to drink, but it's a useful ingredient nonetheless.


Sage can either be drunk or applied to your scalp and is an effective home remedy for baldness.


Rosemary is a herb that helps promote circulation. Good circulation to the scalp can help restore hair loss.

This tea can be drunk in a tea or applied directly to your hair in a ‘tea mask’.

Your tea also needs to be easy to make and taste delicious.

That will mean that you're more likely to drink it on a regular basis, which is what needs to happen to see results.

Try using tea that comes in tea bags rather than loose-leaf as it's much easier to make and you won't waste any tea (or money)!

Uncle Lee’s Organic Bamboo Tea

Uncle Lee’s Organic Bamboo Tea

Uncle Lee’s Organic Bamboo Tea is made from the finest bamboo tea leaves which contain natural silica.

The silica is vital not only for hair growth, but to help strengthen the hair that you do have, helping to keep it shiny and healthy.

The tea is tasty to drink is made in the same way as any regular tea bag.

All you have to do is boil the kettle and pour the hot water over a tea bag.

Let the tea steep for a little while before drinking.

The tea bags make the tea easy to serve, each tea bag makes one cup of tea which means there’s no risk of making the tea too strong or too weak.

The tea bags are oxygen bleached, but that doesn't affect the results of the bamboo tea on your hair.

All natural and organic ingredients mean that you gain the full benefits from this brilliant tea for hair growth.

In a matter of weeks your hair will be noticeably longer and stronger, just like the bamboo plant itself!

Pros & Cons

Uncle Lee’s Organic Bamboo Tea is made from organic and natural ingredients, ensuring that the tea is good for you.

However, the oxygen bleached tea bags may cause some damage, but it won't affect the impact of the silica on your hair.

The silica is natural and your skin and nails will benefit as well as your hair.

The tea bags make the tea easy to make, there’s no need to fuss around with measuring out tea leaves and using an infuser.

Uncle Lee’s Organic Bamboo Tea is slightly more expensive than other teas, but far cheaper than most other hair loss interventions and treatments.

It’s easily one of the best teas for hair growth available on the market.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a tea for hair loss, look no further than Uncle Lee’s Organic Bamboo Tea. It’s natural, organic and tasty.

The natural silica found in bamboo ensures your hair will grow long and strong in no time.

All you have to do is sip on this tasty hot drink, sit back, relax and watch your hair grow!

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