Tommie Copper Reviews: Guide To Tommie Copper Knee Sleeves

tommie copper reviews

If you have experienced issues with your knee, chances are you have heard of Tommie Copper. In fact, Tommie Cooper Reviews prove that it’s well-known and a trusted name in the exercise brace and support industry.

Join with me as I take a look at Tommie Copper Reviews of 10 of their best-selling knee sleeves, proving to you how Tommie Copper is a brand perfect for aiding in the recovery of your knee issues.

Tommie Copper Reviews Of 10 Best-selling Knee Sleeves​

Don’t have the time to read through all the Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve Reviews? No worries! By the time you have finished reading this, you will be able to pick the Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve that’s right for you because you will have a comprehensive list of the features each sleeve is offering.

I have personally searched through all the Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve Reviews so that you can be informed without having to do any extra work.

Why Do I Need A Knee Sleeve

There are many advantages to having a knee sleeve including, but not limited to, having a compression element that increases blood flow and reduces pain. Your sleeve will also allow for extra warmth, limit patella movement to reduce injury and help to reduce swelling.

The biggest benefit to a knee sleeve is that it will provide support without limiting your normal movement. Wearing a knee sleeve during activities and sports will increase overall performance and duration of the activity.

These are things that are just not possible in a knee brace. Of course, knee sleeves are not to be used in the event of major injury where you would need your knee to be immobilized. Those would be the moments to consult your physician about the best treatment options.

What Is Tommie Copper?

Tommie Copper was founded as a company in 2010 with the goal to make comfortable compression gear for everyday wear. They wanted their products to provide muscle recovery, support, increased circulation, and reduction of pain and swelling.

On top of the quality compression gear they design and sell, they are also well known for the patent pending Copper Znergy Technology that hinders odor causing microbes in fabric thereby reducing offensive odors.

tommie copper reviews

What Is The Difference Between Their Core Products And The Performance Products?

When looking at Tommie Copper knee reviews and products, you might notice the words Core products and Performance products used often as a way to describe which type of support it provides. There is a distinct difference that you will want to be aware of.

The Core line of products includes compression apparel and accessories designed to support your everyday movement. They are also aimed at facilitating your recovery as well as minimizing overworked muscles to prevent future injuries. You would use this line if you are looking for support not related to athletic activities.

The Performance lines of products are designed for active lifestyles and are fashioned in heavy-weight fabric with ergonomic paneling perfect for staying in place during activity and sports. These wouldn’t be your choice for everyday use.

Top 10 Tommie Copper Knee Sleeves

1. Tommie Copper Men’s Contoured Compression Knee Sleeve

Tommie Copper Men’s Contoured Compression Knee Sleeve

For my top pick, I chose the one that would be the average go to sleeve. This would be the first line of defense if you were suffering from knee issues.

This knee sleeve is contoured to target isolated compression just at the knee joint.

Because of that, it also features a non-restrictive fit and encased elastic band at the bottom of the sleeve.

Considering the Tommie Copper Men’s Contoured Compression Knee Sleeve claims to hold its shape for its entire lifetime, I would choose this to be a top buy if you are suffering from trouble with your knees.

2. Tommie Copper Men's Recovery Refresh Knee Sleeve​

Tommie Copper Men's Recovery Refresh Knee Sleeve

Sometimes having some extra features in your knee sleeve is nice. Are you interested in finding a knee sleeve that can also protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays?

You should be sure to check out the Tommie Copper Men’s Recovery Refresh Knee Sleeve. It is made with an SPF 50+ protection and has the perfect amount of compression to support your muscles and joints all day.

This is the original copper and zinc-infused compression sleeve and their special fabric will eliminate any unwanted odors.

This style also fits comfortably and discreetly under your clothing so no one will ever need to know that you are wearing it.

3. Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve

Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve

Want the basic model? Check out the standard Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve.

It has a fantastic blend of copper nylon, spandex, and nylon that provides comfortable compression for everyday support of your muscles and joints.

Again, this style will eliminate odors that could be embarrassing while working out and an SPF 50+ to protect from the sun’s damaging rays.

4. Tommie Copper Women's Recovery Refresh Knee Sleeve

Tommie Copper Women's Recovery Refresh Knee Sleeve

If you are a woman looking to increase your recovery time, don’t buy the same product that is designed for a man.

Be sure you grab the Tommie Copper Women’s Recovery Refresh Knee Sleeve to fit your needs.

It has many of the same features as the other sleeves such as the perfect amount of compression, the CopperZnergy fabric that will eliminate any odor, and an SPF protection of 50+ to protect from the rays of the sun.

This is a great choice if you are a woman in need of support for your joints and muscles or looking to protect from further injuries.

5. Tommie Copper Women's Performance Triumph Knee Sleeve

Tommie Copper Women's Performance Triumph Knee Sleeve

Here’s yet another great choice for women with knee pain. Specifically designed for women is the Tommie Copper Women’s Performance Triumph Knee Sleeve.

It was made with comfortable compression, perfect for supporting your muscles.

It also contains the CopperZnergy fabric to eliminate unwanted odors as well as an ergonomic design.

This makes it ideal for wearing all day even to bed if you need support during the night.

. You will also receive a non-slip silicone band to keep the knee sleeve in place.

6. Tommie Copper Men's Performance Triumph Knee Sleeve

Tommie Copper Men's Performance Triumph Knee Sleeve

Need some support during exercise and physical activity? Along with many of the other features that seem to come standard with a Tommie Copper knee sleeve, this Tommie Copper Men’s Performance Triumph Knee Sleeve also reduces muscle fatigue, damage, and injury as well as improves your circulation and oxygen delivery.

You will still receive the benefit of the CopperZnergy fabric as well as the comfortable compression you’ve come to expect from their products.

7. Tommie Copper Women's Contoured Knee Sleeve

Tommie Copper Women's Performance Triumph Knee Sleeve

Another woman’s model makes my top 10! This sleeve is anatomically contoured for your body and provides targeted isolated compression right where you most need it. The Tommie Copper Women’s Contoured Knee Sleeve will provide you with exceptional comfort due to the encased elastic band that is located at the bottom of the sleeve.

You will also find that this product includes the 4D compression technology which makes it easy to stretch in all directions and that it will maintain its shape for the lifetime of the product.

8. Tommie Copper - Large White Women's Knee Compression

Tommie Copper - Large White Women's Knee Compression

This Tommie Copper Large White Women’s Knee Compression is going to allow for 24 hours of continuous use, even while you sleep. It provides optimal support for your aching joints and muscle pain.

This design will also allow you to move comfortably without the bulky feeling that often comes with wearing a knee brace. The material on this sleeve is SPF 30+ and will keep your skin safe from harmful UV rays.

9. Tommie Copper - Med Black Men's Knee Compression

Tommie Copper - Med Black Men's Knee Compression

When looking at the Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve reviews on this Tommie Copper Med Black Men’s Knee Compression, you will find that it consistently exceeds the expectations of customers.

Some customers even reference the fact that they cannot function in their day without the relief the sleeves bring.

After reading those reviews, you have to wonder why you haven’t tried it yet?

10. Tommie Copper Women's Recovery Compression Knee Sleeve 2XL

Tommie Copper Women's Recovery Compression Knee Sleeve 2XL

Obviously one of the key qualities to the Tommie Cooper Women’s Recovery Compression Knee Sleeve 2XL would be the size. Bigger sizes aren’t always easy to find and sometimes they can even lack in quality. That isn’t the case with this style; it is a comfortable compression model that is going to give your joints relief all day. It also features the CopperZnergy needed to eliminate odors as well as provides an SPF 50+ to protect your delicate skin from sun damage.

That’s not all! 100% of the proprietary fabric in this sleeve is copper and zinc-infused. Though other brands attempt to replicate the product, they are unable to match the quality you’ll find in the Tommie Copper Knee Sleeves.

Things To Determine Before Picking The Right Sleeve For You

Before you make any purchase, there are several questions to ask yourself so that you can be sure you’ve picked a sleeve designed to fit your needs.

1. Am I using the sleeve to support my everyday movement or is it important that I have the added stability during exercise and sports? Will I need to wear this during the night as well or just during the daytime hours?

2. Is sun protection important to me when choosing a knee sleeve or will I be inside while using it?

3. Do I desire to have added benefits such as increased circulation, reducing muscle fatigue and increasing oxygen delivery? Will a basic model suit my needs just as well?

4. What size will I need? Not all Tommie Copper knee sleeves will be available in every size, so this can play a big factor in which sleeve you choose.

5. Will this sleeve be comfortable during exercise and activity?

Caring For Your Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve

Use the information you have been given to make up your mind about the best knee sleeve for your needs. After you’ve chosen which one you will be purchasing, you will want to learn how to treat and protect your equipment for longer life. Proper care of your new knee sleeve can easily make the difference of how long you are able to use it.

When caring for your Tommie Copper products, keep in mind that they are all machine washable. Hand washing, of course, is always better for any fabric, but you’ll also be able to find the precise care instructions for your item on the garment’s tag, collar or packaging. Make sure you wash your sleeve in cold water with other like colors.

It is important that you don’t use bleach or fabric softener with your Tommie Copper products as these can reduce the overall effectiveness. If you are using a standard dryer, make sure you tumble dry on a gentle setting and never use a dryer sheet. You could always choose to hang dry instead and preserve your sleeve longer.

Your products are designed to last for over 50 washes, so the gentle and thoughtful care of them will only extend the life as far as possible.


Whatever your needs are in regards to strengthening and supporting your knee, you can find a highly rated and recommended Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve to help you. They are designed with your comfort and well-being in mind.

Choosing a company with a proven track record and high-quality reviews like Tommie Copper is an important step in picking the right product for you. You want a leader in the market who knows how to handle your unique issues and has perfected their products to suit your needs.

Take into consideration what your priorities are and remember to figure in your budget before you choose the proper knee sleeve for you. Be sure to use it according to directions and care for it properly and you too can notice significant changes to your knee health in the days to come.

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