Our Guide To The Best Water Based Pomade For Your Hair

water based pomade

Looking for the right hair product can be an arduous and tiresome task. With all the variations and alternative products on the market today, it’s tough to make the right decision as to which product is going to work best for you.

Whether you are looking to achieve a slick-back look, or just a nice matte finish, bed-head hairstyle, a quality water-based pomade is the answer that you have been looking for.

Pomade is a hair styling product that leaves your hair looking slick, neat and shiny, with this greasy/waxy substance being a great alternative to other, more conventional hair styling products such as wax and gel. Pomade has been made popular through the fame of Elvis Presley and others, by way of their infamous “rockabilly pompadour” hairstyles.

Let me now take you through the best water-based pomade that we have found on the market today, just to give you some better insight into this amazing hair styling product.

Different Types of Pomade and What Makes Them Great

Although pomade is responsible for the slick-back hair look, it is more than just a greasy-looking styling product, and has been formulated to provide that slick-back look, while at the same time expresses its versatility with its dry, matte finish.

There are two main types of pomades on the market today, oil-based, and water-based pomades, and both fulfill very different styling functions.

A good quality pomade should, at the bare minimum, give you the style that you are after without too much hassle.

Easy to work and easy to clean should definitely be a highlighting factor in your choice of pomade. A quality pomade should also have the ability and strength to last throughout the day, without letting your style fade or become flat.

Another serious option to consider when choosing a pomade is how easily it comes out of your hair. Oil-based pomades have a reputation for being notoriously difficult to get out of your hair thanks to their oily texture.

Imperial Classic Pomade

Imperial Classic Pomade

Imperial Classic Pomade is America’s number 1, strongest holding water-based pomade, and allows for a smooth and even application.

This classic pomade has been manufactured to allow you complete control over your style, adjusting its strength in accordance with the amount of water you apply to your hair during the styling process.

Imperial’s Classic Pomade is water react vatable, allowing you to quickly and easily restyle your hair by just adding a bit of water, letting you restructure your style anytime of day. This classic pomade has a very strong hold and is tough enough to last all day long.

Even if you run into some unexpected rain, this pomade will let you return to your original style once it has dried out a little.

This great pomade can be applied to either damp, wet or dry hair depending on your chosen style. Apply to dry hair to attain a matte, more separate finish, or apply it to damp-to-wet hair for a more slick-back look and feel.

A great feature of this pomade is that although it has the strength to hold your hair up proud all day, getting it out is even easier. A simple rinse under some water and this water-based pomade is done for the day. No need for a heavy wash and shampoo, this pomade comes out clean and easy, every time.

Imperial’s Classic Pomade comes with a lovely clean-laundry scent and is finished off with a mild hint of watermelon fragrance. If you are looking for an amazing pompadour or cool slick-back hairstyle, Imperial pomade is undoubtedly the one for you.

Pros And Cons

With the good comes the bad, that’s just the way things are. Luckily this pomade doesn’t come with too many downsides, at least not enough to make it undesirable.


· Industrial strength hold

· Water-based

· Applies evenly and smoothly

· Semi-sheen

· Rinses clean and easily

· Weather resistant

· Complete control over your style

· No greasiness

· Dries out but can be revived with water


· Dries out during the day

· A little more expensive than oil-based pomade

· One jar lasts about one month


When it comes to choosing a hair styling product that best suits your needs, Imperial’s Classic Pomade should be a no brainer. With wet or dry application, easy styling and re-shaping, and easy to get out of your hair, this water-based pomade is simply the best on the market today.

If you are looking for the easiest and more effective way to style your hair for the day, Imperial Classic Pomade is the one for you.

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