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Write For Us

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in writing for us! 

Sleephealthenergy are accepting guest posts from blogs/bloggers who would like to increase their reach within sleep, health and energy related fields.

If you'd like to write for Sleephealthenergy.com, please read the following:

Guest articles must be related to the above topics in some way. This means they can either focus on sleep itself, a general health issue or content related to factors that influence energy, focus and concentration. For example:

  • Health including related topics such as wellness, fitness, healthy eating and diets, weight loss, and longevity
  • Stress relief including topics like relaxation, meditation, and yoga
  • Sleep related topics such as children’s sleep patterns, sleeping better, etc. 

When pitching a topic to us, it's important to promote ways to help people. People are constantly looking to improve their health and well-being and we want to help them with informative content.

What Are the Benefits of Guest Posting With SHE?

Writing for us is a great way to increase the reach of your audience.

We have a strong domain with good domain authority. This means that your blog will benefit from our growing audience. 

We'll allow 2 do follow links. This is one link in the text and one in the author bio, but you can't link to any revenue based content.

Linking to your home page or any informational article is absolutely fine!

How Much Does It Cost?

Due to the time spent on correspondence, editing, publishing, and promotion, we're charging for guest posts.

This helps weed out those who aren't serious about the process and means we can work together to make sure we keep up the high standards of SHE! 


$20 USD per article - provided ALL the criteria is met.

Where Do We Publish Guest Posts?

Generally, they'll fit into one of the categories (sleep, health or energy) and possibly into a more specific subcategory.

They may also feature on our homepage and social media accounts, but SleepHealthEnergy retains complete discretion over this and it will ultimately be determined by the quality of the article.

How Does The Process Work?

  1. If you'd like to write for us, please send an email to katie@sleephealthenergy.comwith 'Guest Post Idea for SHE' in the subject line. That helps us be sure you've read this!  Please include a short pitch about the topic of your blog post, and a couple of samples of your writing. If we like the idea and your style, we can take things from there. Please don't submit a guest post without first obtaining approval from us. Any guest posts sent directly to us without prior correspondence will be ignored.
  2. Once we've agreed on a topic, please write it and send it through, following the guidelines below.
  3. Once we've accepted the article, please pay the fee in USD to the Paypal account below.
  4. Once paid we'll publish as soon as possible!

Payments to be made to: 


Guest Post Guidelines

Please refer to these guidelines when writing your guest post:

  • The content must be unique and high quality. We reserve the right to reject poor quality content. No plagiarised or spun content is allowed.
  • All content should be written by a native speaker of English. 
  • We like a friendly tone, whilst still remaining professional. Feel free to use humour, and we encourage the use of contractions to make your copy flow better and make it sound less stilted. 
  • The guest post must be minimum 1000 words.
  • The content must be properly formatted for good readability. This means short paragraphs of no more than 5 lines, and no excessively long sentences please!
  • Please try and use the active voice rather than the passive voice whenever possible. 
  • All facts must be backed up my authoritative sources. However, please don't link out excessively. Keep it to a maximum of 4 external links for 1000 words (including one link to your own site).
  • You can include one link to your own site within the content. However, this link can't be to any revenue driven content. This means any content with affiliate links or sales pages.
  • You must provide your own imagery. Any content without imagery will be rejected. You must provide the source for this image, or provide an image which you yourself own.
  • The content must be proofread before being sent to us. Any grammatical errors in your content will lead to us rejecting it. Grammarly is a great tool for this!
  • We reserve the right to make final edits.
  • Please include a bio with your guest post of no more than 30 words. You may include a link to your home page OR Facebook/Twitter page within this section.

Please send your content to us as a Google Doc or Word document.

What Happens Next?

Provided that all the above guest post requirements have been met, we'll add your post to our content schedule for publishing.

Depending on the time and our schedule, your post may be published immediately, or it may be placed in a queue for up to 4 weeks. For the most part we try to get the content published within 1-2 weeks.

Once the post is published we ask that you promote it on your end through your social channels. We'll do the same!

Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to working with you!

The Sleephealthenergy.com Team